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5 Main Areas of Personal Development What Are They ?

To ensure your development plan is heading in the right direction, it’s important to understand the different areas of personal development as a starting point. 5 primary areas provide the groundwork for understanding the way you want to develop your life each month.

As you begin to see improvements, your priorities and preferences may change, as you might want to focus on a specific aspect or all 5 aspects simultaneously. Whatever you chose, your goals and ambitions will be incorporated not only into these 5 areas, but into your wider personal development plan. It is ok to make changes along the way, this is an important part in the game of life and ensuring success.

Here are the 5 main areas of development:​

Spiritual Development

Being spiritual and being religious are two completely different things. You can be one, both or neither. In this sense, spirituality describes the deeper connections that are made when developing this aspect of your life. In turn, you learn more about not only yourself and those around you, but you gain a deeper understanding of our world and what you really want out of life. This aspect helps guide other areas of your life.

Emotional Development

Developing strength in your emotions is something that few are yet to master. It is not an aspect of your life that is easily developed as emotions sometimes feel uncontrollable. Finding the courage to not let your emotions control you is an ongoing task and something that takes time. Once harnessed, this development will benefit all areas of your personal growth.

Mental Development

This area of development describes increasing your capacity to learn and withhold more information. By exercising your brain deeply rather than superficially, then in turn allowing it time to relax, you are increasing your mental strength. As well, developing this area will only encourage your relationships, education and career to flourish. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Being mentally strong is something you will never complete, it’s the journey that matters.

Social Development

If you can effectively communicate with a range of people, you are on your way to being socially successful. Everyone has areas of this development aspect that they don’t find advantageous, but it’s all part of the rise. Talk to people you wouldn’t usually and understand other people’s models of communication to enhance yourself in this area. Learning new languages and making new friends are great ways to develop social and communication skills on a personal level.

Physical Development

Without sounding overly 111, by seeing your GP and getting a physical health evaluation you can understand the aspects of your physical development which should be worked on as a priority. By eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly you are well on your way to mastering this area. However, there are other aspects to consider, these include a regular skincare routine, getting enough sleep and meditating. In exercising all of these aspects your physical development can be expanded.