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Great Business Ideas & Opportunities You Can Start Today

Types of Business Opportunities

Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side, have something to do when the kids are at school or have aspirations of running the new ‘Amazon’ there are 100’s of types of business opportunities in 2020.

Small Business Opportunities You Can Do from Home


If you’re passionate about looking after children, then you should consider starting a childcare business looking after other people’s children while they’re at work. With more and more families having two working parents there’s a booming demand for childcare.
This is the perfect business for stay at home parents, as you can run it from your own home (with some minor adjustments for child safety and proper hygiene) or you can work from people’s homes if preferred (although this will limit you to one or a few clients).

Bed and breakfast

If you have a family home and the kids have moved out, why not turn it into a B&B? With the explosion of platforms like Airbnb, it’s never been simpler to set up a room/s in your private home rent. Think about offering breakfast too for extra revenue.

Pet Sitting

It may surprise you to know that 50% of adults in the UK owns a pet. So, what happens when a pet owner needs to go away on holiday or for work? This is where the Pet Sitting business comes in, providing accommodation, feeding, walking and in some cases grooming services for pets.


Some people just love teaching, as they really enjoy helping others learn. If that sounds like you, and you have a good level of education or have mastered a musical instrument etc, then you should be making money as a tutor.
You can tutor students in a group, one to one and even remotely via the internet

Online Business Opportunities

eBay Auction Seller

If like me, you’re the type of person who regularly declutters their home or revamps their wardrobe and either throws things you no longer need away or gives them away to friends or family, then you could be missing out on a money-making activity. eBay is a marketplace auction where you can buy and sell virtually any new or second hands goods you could think of.
The beauty of this kind of business is you can do it anytime you have some free time, as you’re not constrained by the usual 9-5 working pattern. Start small by selling your unwanted items but do your research and then think about buying products from places like charity shops or wholesalers and then repackage or enhance them and sell them on for a profit.

eBook or Blog Writer

Fancy yourself as the next literary star? Why not write and publish a novel or non-fiction book (in an area you have specialist knowledge in). Or maybe shorter articles are more your thing, in that case writing blogs could be the answer.
It’s never been easier to write, publish and distribute your writings, and eBooks and blogs allow you to access a large potential audience through phone/tablets or other platforms, doing away with the need for a traditional publisher and expensive printing costs. As the popularity of your writing grows, so will the interest from companies keen to pay to advertise on your work.

Virtual Assistant

The days of hiring a PA are in the past, and virtual assistants are all the rave. Virtual assistants operate remotely and carry out all manner of digital tasks for their busy clients. This could include everything from carrying out online research, processing data, ordering equipment to much more, all from the comfort of your own home.

Low Setup Cost Business Opportunities Near Me

Mobile Catering

The catering industry is a great place to look when thinking about a new business opportunity. Not many people can go without their daily coffee or snack, so with this mind why not look at buying tea/coffee stall (usually for a few hundred pounds) and set up in a local hotspot near where you live. This type of business is in all the major cities in the UK, and the mark-up on a cup of coffee is typically over 60%, so there are plenty of profits to be made.
There’s also little to no upfront marketing cost on this business as its completely reliant on foot traffic, so you’ll want to ensure you do your research on a suitable pitch to work from, to maximise revenue. You’ll also need to get the relevant hygiene ratings, catering licenses and insurance (as hot coffee burns are no joke).

Car wash

At the end of March 2020 there were over 38 million vehicles registered in the UK, and thus car washing services are always in sought out.
You don’t even need to have your own premises when you start out, as this type of business can be set up quickly and easily by agreeing with a local supermarket/ petrol station, to operate a car washing service on their forecourt or car park. You only need access to water, labour and some cleaning supplies

Domestic/Commercial Cleaning company

This is arguably one of the easiest businesses to start, and the upfront capital costs are low, as you’ll just need basic cleaning supplies to start.
Though this business idea is easy to start and scale, competition is intense in the cleaning market. You’ll need to make sure that your brand stands out and your pricing is competitive for your local area, so choosing a franchise opportunity may be the best route to take.
We hope we’ve given you some useful information on the possibilities for starting a future business opportunity. The examples above are nowhere near exhaustive of the full list of potential business opportunities out there.

Check your local press for businesses that are for sale in your local area and find that new career today!