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Explain Spiritual Growth?

While many experts would explain there is no agreed definition of spiritual growth, on a personal development level, like minded people have their own definition to this term. We would define it as a development of higher awareness, or to develop a higher consciousness.

Personal spiritual growth, better known as a consciousness or awareness surrounds our body in an ‘awareness sphere’. Whilst understanding spirituality in this way, we can also look at the concept as a way to integrate spirituality into our daily lives and into our personal development.

Human development is often compared with achieving maximum skill level is a certain activity, particularly music, arts or sport. We act according to the basic rights of existence everyday as they are so internalised and ingrained into us. This allows us to have a conscious awareness of life. After this, we develop spiritual growth. This means developing our ‘conscious awareness’ further into something of a higher nature.

To illustrate this, we take the representation of a bright lamp. The more brightly your ‘lamp’ is lit, the higher your awareness (and consciousness) reaches and therefore the further you can see. The ‘brighter lamp’ illuminates ideas and even additional perspectives of life that someone with a ‘dimmer lamp’ wouldn’t be bright enough to see in their surroundings.

When your lamp’s light is lit, it represents roughly the shape of a sphere, this highlights our area of spiritual growth. Anything within our ‘sphere of awareness’ is easy to perceive and anything outside of it is more difficult.

Following this understanding, we can identify spiritual growth as ‘personal development that expands our sphere of consciousness’. Therefore helping us to understand why personal spiritual growth is such a crucial part of our life and of their purpose.

What benefits do spirituality and spiritual growth have?

This type of growth helps us understand why sometimes lifes throws things at us that we wouldn’t expect. It also helps put in perspective that  life and the tasks it sends us, are all for a larger purpose. Sometimes contact to the spiritual world can prove useful in helping individuals confirm their goals and sense of purpose. Also, spiritual contact provides a guide to daily life.

Whether you believe in reincarnation of not, spiritual growth describes our physical being as something that must live in the material world. It suggests by gaining these experiences we can develop certain advantageous qualities further, in turn helping our personal development. Such experiences are often near impossible to rationalise with advanced intellect. Some people describe them as impossible to comprehend with realism, such experiences are things such as unconditional love, joy, honesty and humility. In learning to understand such qualities, we experience spiritual development and grow a higher conscious awareness. 

When learning to understand such concepts, we are often hindered by previous experiences and our ability to rationalise. In which case we require assistance from the spiritual world. Therefore integrating spiritual growth into other aspects of personal development is absolutely necessary, not only to our understanding of the world, but to our daily life.