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Alternative Development

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Our Alternative Development Hub

Our Alternative development hub explores the alternative activities that can be used by an individual for self-improvement and personal development through a series of different methods and approaches. These approaches include spiritual growth and hypnosis techniques.

Taking you on a journey of personal development which will enhance your quality of life. These techniques can be linked back to ancient practices from across various continents and have been use for centuries to enhance the wellbeing of those who choose to follow this path to self-improvement.

Take a look at our resources and allow these alternative techniques to help you realise your true potential and dreams.

About – Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Coach or Development

Spiritual growth has been a practice of self-development for centuries. Allowing individuals to connect with their inner self and consciousness.

Often associated with the practice of meditation, spiritual growth will teach you more about yourself, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your mind, body, and soul.

With the techniques involved in spiritual growth you can evolve your inner self and consciousness. Becoming more connected with yourself through meditation and other holistic approaches. Aiming for inner peace. Adopt spiritual growth into your personal development plan to change your overall perception of not only yourself but the world around you.

About – Mind and Body

Mind and Body Coaching and Development

Developing the mind and body is an essential element of your personal development journey. In order to the develop the mind, you must also develop your body. Which is why these go hand in hand.

To improve your mental health and wellbeing your lifestyle and physical body must be cared for. This means you must find the correct balance by combining physical activities with daily academic skill building.

Exercises which will improve your motor skills will in turn improve your ability to perform certain specialist tasks. Again, contributing to your overall personal development and self-improvement goals.

About – Hypno-Processing

Hypnosis Development

Practices within Hypnotherapy, including Hypnosis and Hypno-Processing are used by practitioners to induce a state of intense concentration. A vast amount of research has been undertaken to investigate the benefits of Hypnotherapy for treating a range of conditions. Including addressing physical pain, anxiety, and phobias.

The use of this practice is guided using verbal cues. Hypno-Processing can be used alongside other practices within your personal development plan to minimise anxious thoughts surrounding areas of your life, to improve your mental well-being, to plant seeds of thought within your mind and to also address addictive behaviours, thus improving your health and wellbeing.

About – Mind Tech

Mind Tech Coaching and  Development

Taking care of your mind is vital in ensuring your mental wellbeing is protected from the stresses of life. Your mind should be considered just as important as your body and your physical health.

The many things that are good for your body are equally as good for your mind. Such as a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep.

Although these things are great and are easy to incorporate into your daily life, there are other practices you can also incorporate to improve your mental wellbeing. For example, the practices of meditation, reflective thinking, and problem. These are all personal development activities which will contribute to improving your mental wellbeing.

“When mind, body and spirit are harmony, happiness is the natural result” – Deepak Chopra

How Do I Know If Alternative Development Coaching Is For Me?

What are five areas of personal development?

Five aspects of personal development include: extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and agreeableness. These are personality traits that can be developed. Mental traits include : spiritual, emotional, physical, social and moral aspects.

What is personal spiritual growth?

Personal spiritual growth is a way to develop higher awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing your inner self further and reaching a state of positivity and peace.

What is Mind Body Training?

Mind & Body training is exercise that combines body movement, controlled breathing and mental focus to improve balance, strength, mental wellness and health. Yoga, tai chi and even pilates are examples of mind-body exercises.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy use guided relaxation techniques to induce focused attention and intense concentration to achieve a trance state. The person’s attention is so focused while in this state that ideas & thoughts can be suggested for personal development.

What do you mean by mental development?

An important aspect of personal growth is Mental development. This is developing skills and abilities such as perception, observation, memory, imagination and problem solving.

Alternative Development News & Holistic Resources

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