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About Chris Guillebeau

blogger, speaker and motivational coach

Chris Guillebeau is an American blogger, speaker as well as a motivational speaker and life, travel and work blogger.

Chris Guillebeau’s Social Media Profiles

What is Chris Guillebeau’s Net Worth

$1 Million – $5 Million

When was Chris Born

4 April 1978

Introduction to Chris Guillebeau My Story

Chris Guillebeau is an American blogger, speaker and motivational coach. The 42 year-old, born on April 4th 1978, is a well known author in America as well as a motivational speaker and life, travel and work blogger.

Chris Guillebeau is most known for his public speaking and books in the travel and entrepreneurship genre. His most popular books are The Art of Non-Conformity and The Happiness of Pursuit, published in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Chris has also written guides for small businesses and travel under his unconventional guides.

“Why travel – because the world was meant to be experienced, not imagined” – Chris Guillebeau

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Chris Guillebeau Personal History

Chris is an American who graduated from the University of Washington and Athens State University. Throughout 2002 to 2006, in West Africa, Chris volunteered with a medical charity called Mercy Ships. This experience was a crucial point in Chris’ life, as soon after he began fundraising and different services within the community. This is featured within his writing.

Chris and his wife Jolie now live in Portland. Before Chris was 35 he aimed to travel to every country in the world. Between 2002 and 2013 he managed to do this, writing about his travels on his blog. Each year, Guillebeau travels to around 20 different countries. On his travels he shares unconventional stories and strategies on travel, work and life. Chris managed to visit the last country on his list on the 4th of April 2013, this was Norway, to celebrate this he threw a party. All 193 countries on Chris’ list were visited however, when visiting Eritrea he only stayed in the airport and his North Korea visit consisted of seeing the negotiation hut between south and north Korea.

Chris Guillebeau Professional Career

Throughout Chris’ working career he has mostly been self employed, this included volunteering in West Africa for four years. During this time he has traveled around the world visiting every country before he turned 35. From this he created his own definition of an entrepreneur, a person who can work for themselves 24 hours a day to avoid just working one hour for another employer.

Chris writes about life planning and personal development with the ideology that you don’t need to live the way that is expected from you instead live it how you truly want. He also writes about unconventional work and entrepreneurship highlighting that the work you do should both be meaningful and enjoyable. In addition, adventure and travel are also topics that Chris writes about this includes content about his journeys across the world and stories about other travellers. Chris’ writing has taken him all over the world including media events and a 9 city tour in India.

Chris Guillebeau published his first book The Art of Non-Conformity after his blog became so successful. This book was translated into over thirty different languages and all of the proceeds were donated to the charity:water. Chris promoted this book in 63 cities across the US and Canada between September 2010 and January 2011.

In 2012, May 8th, The $100 Startup was released, this was Chris’ second book. It reached number six in the bestsellers list for the New York Times selling over 700,000 copies throughout the world.

Guillebeau’s third book was released in 2014 on September 9th called, The Happiness of Pursuit. He has also written several other books including; Born For This (2016) and The Money Tree. In addition, he has written for Business Week and has a blog at Anderson Cooper 360.

In addition Chris has gained a number of recognitions, accreditations and shout outs. The most famous of which include:

  • The Art of Non-Conformity blog in the US is in the top 100,000 most viewed websites.
  • Chris is a bestselling author according to the New York Times.

Chris Guillebeau Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, Chris Guillebeau has been involved in several personal performances, seminars and motivational talks. Chris has spoken at several events, universities, organisations and companies. This includes one each year in Oregon, Chris is one of the hosts for the World Domination Summit, thousands of remarkable and creative people attend this. Other recent engagements include Facebook, Google, Hallmark, Evernote and GrowCO.

Furthermore, Chris has spoken/hosted events in over 100 independent bookstores across North America. He also has a daily podcast called side hustle school which is downloaded over 2 million times each month.

Chris Guillebeau Books & Publications

Chris Guillebeau has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The Art of Non-Conformity

Based on Chris Guillebeau’s popular online manifesto “A Brief Guide to World Domination,” The Art of Non-Conformity defies common assumptions about life and work while arming you with the tools to live differently.

Self Help

The Happiness of Pursuit

When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey’s biggest revelation would be how many people like himself exist

Self Help

Born For This – Chris Guillebeau

To the outside observer, it seems like they’ve won the career lottery–that by some stroke of luck or circumstance they’ve found the one thing they love so much that it doesn’t even feel like work and they’re getting paid

What Can Chris Guillebeau Do For You Personally







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