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About Stefan James

online entrepreneur and motivational coach

Stefan James is a well known author in the UK as well as a life coach.

Stefan James’ Social Media Profiles

What is Stefan Jamesō’ Net Worth

$3.7 Million Dollars

When was Stefan Born

May 3, 1986, Canada

Introduction to Stefan James My Story

Stefan James is an accomplished online entrepreneur and motivational coach. He is a well known author in the UK as well as a motivational speaker and life coach.

He has taken part in and led a large amount of charity work. Stefan James is most known for his public speaking and books in the self-help genre. His most popular book is 67 Morning Ritual Habits For Your Body, Mind, And Spirit published in 2019. Stefan founded Project Life Mastery, which was voted for in the top 100 internet personal development websites.

“If you had just stuck with one thing, you would be further ahead than the person that’s jumping from one thing to the next” – Stefan James

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Stefan James Personal History

Growing up, Stefan was very shy and he was unhappy with his life. He was poor, lazy, depressed and negative. During his time at high school he was insecure and did not succeed in social situations. He struggled to hold a conversation and develop relationships with others. When he was 17 he started on his journey of self development and ever since he has been engaged with growing and learning in all areas of his life.

At 21, he began a seminar and coaching business in Canada in Vancouver, he started helping others boost their relationships, confidence and social skills through self improvement. This online business was a way for Stefan James to reach financial freedom and leverage himself. He achieved success at a young age and when he was 24 he was earning a six figure income. When he was 27, he was an internet millionaire. He has achieved and learnt a lot at a young age and wants to give back to others.

Stefan James Professional Career

Stefan James founded the Project Life Mastery, he has impacted millions of people positively and influenced their lives through his inspiring content on his podcast and YouTube channel. He is highly interested in personal development and wants to unlock others’ human potential. Stefan believes that a person’s mindset and psychology is crucial, yet often overlooked when people want to achieve their potential in business and life.

In 2012, he started Project Life Mastery, helping others to commit to mastering all aspects of their life using self development, including; spirituality, creating online businesses, passive income, financial freedom, relationships, mindset, emotions, fitness and health. The mission of Stefans business is to powerfully, passionately and transparently set a positive example and unlock unlimited possibilities which life has to offer for those individuals truly wanting to commit to mastery and are not wanting to settle for an less than an extraordinary life. Stefan also enjoys travelling and volunteers in several initiatives for building schools and homes for the less fortunate.

In addition, Stefan has written a book called 67 Morning Ritual Habits For Your Body, Mind, And Spirit, published in 2019. He believes that every morning can be successful and those may start with rituals consisting of one thing for your spirit, mind and body. He believes that you need to pay attention to all three of these aspects in order to reach fulfillment and boost your performance. Since Stefan was 17 he began doing morning rituals himself. It is an extremely important habit in his life that shapes all aspects of it. In his book he explains that a lot of people begin their day from reaction and become anxious thinking about the stresses of that day. People instantly check social media or their inbox and therefore don’t get what they want out of themselves that day.

Over the past years, Stefan has studied remarkable peoples habits throughout history. Those who achieve great success are extremely fulfilled and have extreme confidence, energy and are active. These habits are showcased in his book and help others benefit from them. He has utilised and tested all of the rituals throughout his life and has benefitted from them.

Stefan James Teaching and Events

Throughout Stefans career he has been involved in many events and taught people in many different ways. This includes speaking performances, he is authentic, knowledgeable and a passionate speaker that empowers and inspires his audience. Examples of his keynote speaking subject matters include;

  • How to build authority and a brand online
  • How to achieve your full potential
  • How to create and achieve goals

Stefan James also reveals the best strategies for living and mastering life from how to become motivated, being fit and healthy, being happy, how to be successful and a lot more. He offers several training programmes and online courses on topics such as;

  • Self development
  • Online business
  • Amazon book publishing
  • Affiliate marketing

Stefan James Books & Publications

Stefan James has written a best selling book

Self Help

67 Morning Ritual Habits

Your morning ritual is what sets you up for having a successful day. It’s one of the most important habits to cultivate, as it’ll set the precedent of how your day will look. As the saying goes, “How you start the day is how you’ll end the day.”

What Can Stefan James Do For You Personally







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