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About Bob Proctor

Influential Life-Coach

Bob Proctor is an accomplished motivational speaker, world-renowned coach and famous author.

Bob Proctor’s Social Media Profiles

What is Bob Proctor’s Net Worth

$20 Million Dollars

When was Bob Born

5 July 1934 in Ontario, Canada

Introduction to Bob Proctor My Story

Bob Proctor is an accomplished motivational speaker, world-renowned coach and famous author. The 85 year old, born on July 5th 1934, is an extremely influential life-coach, known to focus on both personal and professional development.

Now, the Canadian best-selling author, travels around the world helping others to make the most of principles such as the Law of Attraction. Further to the extensive collection of books Bob has written, he was featured in popular film The Secret.

Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.” – Bob Proctor

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Bob Proctor Personal History

The leading author is Canadian, living his early years in Ontario. In his early life he dropped out of high school after 9th grade, leading him onto a series of low-end jobs earning no more than a few thousands dollars each year. He struggled to find success for a number of years, through various similar low-paying jobs.

During endless years of these jobs, when he was 26, his friend gave him a famous book by Napoleon Hill called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ his mindset was completely overhauled. This began the start of his career as a self-help author. He has made personal appearances as himself on the TV movie ‘The Secret’ leading him to further appearances on popular TV shows such as Ellen and Larry King Live.

Whilst the private life of Bob Proctor has remained much of a secret in the public domain than other similar TV personalities, we do know he went on to marry Linda Proctor, and had a son, Brian Proctor.


Bob Proctor Professional Career

Following his change of attitude towards self-help and motivation from the previously mentioned book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor changed his life. He founded his first company, which sold office cleaning services. This business earned $100,000 in its first 12 months alone. Following this he educated himself on personal development with the help of Earl Nightingale.

From Earl Nightingale’s teachings, he went on to be Vice President of Sales and began to grow his business network of 19 companies all in the personal development sector.

In years following Bob Proctor’s growth, he specialised in the Law of Attraction and became one of the world leading experts in the field. From teaching others to practicing the ‘Law of Vibration’ the peak of his career involved using his depth of knowledge to help others understand how the Law of Attraction can work for them. This principle (the Law of Attraction) is a central point, even today, in his seminars. He uses findings and teachings from the 1970’s right up until today’s most recent research.

Now, Bob Proctor has upwards of 40 years in the personal development and motivation sector of wellbeing. With the experience he , with co-founder Sandy Gallagher, decided to launch the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Offering motivation and development courses as well as high-profile elite programs which include sessions from Bob Proctor himself. Having both a self-study and coaching options, you have a range of options available in his teachings and how to use the power of the mind.

Bob Proctor Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, Bob Proctor has produced a range of products and services, these include books, seminars and coaching sessions. After decades in this industry, he has developed multiple seminars and coaching sessions directly from his experience helping you get the most out of your own life!

Bob’s highly recommended live events and seminars as well as online programs are all on different topics, providing a range of benefits tailored to your interests and goals. Two of his most popular programs include ‘6 Minutes to Success’ and ‘Magic in Your Mind’.

  • 6 Minutes to Success is a program designed to provide on-going advice and distributed in ‘daily-doses’. These snippets of success are easily digestible to ensure you take from each of them all the guidance you need.
  • Magic in Your Mind is another of his popular online programs. This one is presented in conjunction with Sally Gallagher and Mary Morrissey, over a period of 6-week, built in a course-like structure. This program focuses more on negative thinking, it provides coping mechanisms and ideas to challenge your thoughts in a way that you stay in harmony with the person you want to be and what you desire to have.

Aside from programs, over the years Bob Proctor has released a range of best selling books including titles such as You Were Born Rich, The Art of Living, The ABC’s of Success, It’s Not About the Money, 12 Power Principles for Success and The Art of Thinking. He also wrote in the fаmоuѕ book ‘Тhе Ѕесrеt’. This title was later turned into a film also called The Secret.

Bob Proctors Books & Publications

Bob is the author of many books his most popular being — You Were Born Rich


You Were Born Rich

You were Born Rich provides you with the proven system for unlocking your potential to achieve emotional, physical, financial and spiritual prosperity.

Self Help

The Art of Living

The Art of Living presents transcripts from Bob Proctor’s most popular workshop Matrixx to bring this wisdom to a wider audience.

Self Help

The ABCs of Success

An accessible guide to the principles of success by Bob Proctor, one of the most respected and sought-after motivational speakers of our time

What Can Bob Proctor Do For You Personally







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