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About Dani Johnson

TV/radio show host and public speaker

Dani Johnson, is an accomplished entrepreneur and a well known author.

Dani Johnson’s Social Media Profiles

Introduction to Dani Johnson My Story

Dani Johnson, is an accomplished entrepreneur and speaker, she is also a well known author as well as a TV/radio and show host. Dani Johnson is most known for her public speaking and books in the self-help genre. Her most popular books are Spirit Driven Success and First Steps to Wealth published in 2009 and 2011 respectively.
Dani has helped thousands of people across the world using her expert teachings on relationships, business and money to add more success and enjoyment into people’s lives.

“While most people are shrinking their dreams constantly to fit within their income circle, 2% of the population are finding ways to increase their income to fit their dreams circle” – Dani Johnson

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Dani Johnson Personal History

Dani Johnson grew up in a welfare home, the home had intense violence and she was exposed to things that no child should see. On a daily basis drug abuse happened which brought in mental, emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse. Dani wasnt that confident person and early on in life apparently made a lot of mistakes. When she was 17, she got pregnant. This caused all types of judgment and criticism, her own parents even refused to talk to her.

At 19, she was introduced to entrepreneurship and began working on her own businesses. She then got married and soon later got a divorce which ended up in her becoming homeless with very little money.

Dani felt as though she was at rock bottom but this only made her more determined to turn her life around. She got a job as a cocktail waitress and then became a millionaire in just two years. Now, Dani is happily married with five children and seven grandchildren and she is a servant of the Most High God.

Dani Johnson Professional Career

Dani Johnson is a self made entrepreneur, she is a multi millionaire, radio/TV show host, popular speaker and bestselling author. She has a lot of expertise in the spirituality, relationship, finance and business sector. Dani has also appeared on and has been interviewed on Fox Business News, Forbes, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Fox & Friends and ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

Dani coaches and leads clients passionately to transform their family and spiritual lives. She aims to not only help people succeed but to thrive. She inspires all types of people to transform their lives through her effective methods. In addition, Dani has founded a company called Danijohnson.com, this site assists people from all walks of life as well as a non-profit charity, a steadfast supporter of Kings Ransom.

She also inspires these people to join together and work with care to build homes for the poor across the world, rescue sex trade captives, construct safe orphanages, provide safe drinking water, educate children and clothe and feed homeless children. Dani aims to give a million dollars away a month to help less fortunate children around the world.

In conjunction with this, she also offers entrepreneurial training for the very poor and wants to help create a brighter future for these children and families.

Furthermore, Dani is a best-selling author, she has written several books including;
Spirit Driven Success published in 2009. This book helps people discover the biblical foundations of purpose and success. It provides insight on wealth, faith and spirituality.

First Steps To Wealth published in 2011. The book is about how Dani overcame her past of poverty and abuse. It talks about Danis techniques in how she became a radio host, best selling author and multi millionaire entrepreneur.

Grooming the Next Generation for Success published in 2009. This book is the ultimate parenting manual, that breaks through the dysfunction of raising children. It provides insights as a mother, grandmother and wife, helping to lead the next generation into peace and prosperity.

Dani Johnson Teaching and Events

Throughout Dani’s career, she has been involved in transforming many people’s lives. She also holds different events including the virtual experience, the first steps to success. This event demonstrates how success doesn’t just happen, instead you have to work towards your dreams.

Once you have completed the first virtual experience you are able to move onto the next called creating a dynasty. This is the ultimate event for leadership training which lasts three days and helps people through advanced techniques to enhance productivity, build a team and grow your wealth.

Another event Dani offers is hot marriage secrets, this is about aiming for something bigger and working towards it with your partner.

Furthermore, Dani offers an international event called encore presentations, a live hosted presentation to move people towards success across the world.

Dani Johnson Books & Publications

Dani Johnson has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Spirit Driven Success

Like no other book, Spirit-Driven Success unlocks the door to biblical wealth and prosperity secrets and translates them into easy-to-understand strategies. You can immediately apply these concepts that result in measurable success in every aspect of your life.

Self Help

First Steps To Wealth

A Step-by-step Guide To Getting Everything You Want Out Of Life And More! Learn step-by-step tools, techniques and strategies to make more money in less time with less stress! Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles!

Self Help

Next Generation

Mother of five and successful entrepreneur Dani Johnson has coached and mentored tens of thousands of clients to become successful and without exception, their biggest stumbling blocks to achievement were the things they learned while they were kids.

What Can Dani Johnson Do For You Personally







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