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About Eric Thomas

minister and motivational speaker

Eric Thomas is an accomplished minister, educator and motivational speaker

Eric Thomas’ Social Media Profiles
What is Eric Thomas’ Net Worth

$5 Million Dollars

When was Eric Born

3 September 1970, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Introduction to Eric Thomas My Story


Eric Thomas, is an accomplished minister and motivational speaker. The 50 year-old, born on September 3rd 1970 is a well known author in America and educator, on Youtube his speeches are very popular. Eric Thomas is also known for his books in the motivational and self-help sector. His most popular books are The Secret to Success and You Ain’t the Boss of Me, published in 2011 and 2019 respectively. He is also a finalist for the Audie awards

Eric is the CEO of his consulting firm and has worked with several large companies including; Nike, UPS and General Electric. He now consults with franchises of league sports within the NFL, NBA and MLS.

“Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you” – Eric Thomas

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Eric Thomas Personal History

Eric Thomas was born in Chicago and was brought up in Michigan in Detroit. He was raised by his single mum who was a teenager at the time, he ended up falling out with her and his aunts so dropped out of school and ended up homeless living on the streets for a couple of years. Whilst Thomas was homeless he was introduced to a preacher, he was then inspired to get back into education and eventually going on to change other people’s lives.

He then got a job in Detroit at Olive Garden, soon after he also met his wife called De-De Mosley whilst at church. Then he moved to Alabama and went to Oakwood University. As a college student he got married to his wife. Thomas spent a long time focusing on his undergraduate degree, in 2001, he graduated. Whilst in Alabama, Thomas was a preacher and created a programme in order to help youth who were underprivileged.

Eric Thomas Professional Career

Eric is best known as ET, he has a creative, common sense and creative approach to living a satisfying and successful personal and professional life. He has gained popularity through social media and international and domestic tours.
After graduating, Thomas got a job at Michigan State University as well as completing his masters degree within K-12 administration that also focuses on educational leadership. Within his job, his role was to work with disadvantaged students as an academic advisor. Whilst he was there he also created an undergraduate retention programme this was called Advantage and targeted students of academically high risk minority. In 2005, he received his masters degree, then in 2015, he received his PhD in Education Administration. Whilst studying, Thomas was a senior pastor.

After gaining experience in preaching and motivational speaking, Eric founded a business offering educational consulting, athletic development and executive coaching. In addition, he has given several motivational talks to professional athletes and collegiates. As well as appearing on TV discussing his work, segments of his sermons are stated on music tracks from different rappers and hip-hop artists.

Moreover, Eric Thomas is well known for his popular books, his first book was published in 2011 called The Secret to Success. Within this book Eric talks about his struggles growing up and states that if you truly want to be successful, you will be. He inspires people to reach their potential and let them know that you can succeed if you put your mind to it.

In 2014, Eric published his second book Greatness is Upon You: Laying the Foundation. This book lays down essential foundations to boost personal development.

In 2016, Average Skill Phenomenal Will was published. His fourth book was published in 2019 named You Ain’t the Boss of Me, this book targets parents and teachers of students and helps them uncover their abilities. It helps people understand what their strengths are and how to learn their purpose, as well as really tap into it.

Eric Thomas Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, Eric Thomas has been involved in several personal performances,
seminars and motivation talks. He also now holds several programmes and events that includes; the rebuild series. Eric wants to help guide people through life and ensure that their life is recession proof, this covers lessons on finances, future, family, faith and fitness.

The programme for extreme execution flight helps people to really get to know themselves, it aims to get people to leverage themselves in their career and life. People on this course will be given a custom strategy and flight assessment to execute themselves at a better level.

In addition, ET offers certified coaching so that people can turn their passion for helping others into a professional career. You will be given both the strategies and tools on how to do this.

Eric Thomas Books & Publications

Eric Thomas has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The Secret to Success

Eric has electrified audiences ranging from Fortune 500 companies to urban educators, collegiate athletic programs and inner-city youth development agencies with the message of his own life’s struggles and the principles, insights and strategies he used to overcome them.

Self Help

Greatness is Upon You

Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation is the first part of Eric Thomas’ sophomore release, Greatness Is Upon You in eBook form. This set contains the fundamental lessons and principals Eric teaches as being necessary for character development.

Self Help

Average Skill

Underdogs unite! This one is for you! For those of you with that will, that passion, that drive that says no matter what, I WILL SUCCEED! Yeah, this one’s for you! Aren’t you tired of making excuses? Aren’t you tired of longing for the life you’re supposed to live? Average Skill is the book Eric wrote, for you!

What Can Eric Thomas Do For You Personally







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