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About Gabrielle Bernstein

life coach and spirit junkie

Gabrielle Bernstein is a well known author as well as a motivational speaker & Kundalini Instructor.

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Social Media Profiles

What is Gabrielle Bernstein’s Net Worth

$2 Million Dollars

When was Gabrielle Born

1 November 1979

Introduction to Gabrielle Bernstein My Story

Gabrielle Bernstein, is an accomplished life coach and spirit junkie. The 41 year-old, born on 1st November 1979, is a well known author in America as well as a motivational speaker and Kundalini Instructor.

Gabrielle Bernstein is most known for her public speaking and books in the self-help genre. Her most popular books are Super Attractor and You Are The Guru published in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

“I let go of my need to control and allow the universe to do her thing” – Gabrielle Bernstein

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Gabrielle Bernstein Personal History

Bernstein was born in 1979 and grew in New York. There she went to a Jewish summer camp and then led youth groups. In 2001, Gabrielle graduated from Syracuse University with a theatre degree. In 2018, she had her first child, Oliver, with her husband named Zach Rocklin.

For a lot of Gabrielle’s life she has been on a spiritual journey, which began when herself and her mother were meditating in New York in ashrams. Then throughout her teens and twenties she would often turn to spirituality, which saved her through dark times. She began looking into meditation practices, spiritual principles and other methods that helped her align with her true purpose, to love and be an inspiration within the world.

Gabrielle Bernstein Professional Career

Gabrielle has done a lot in her professional life, she aims to help people open up themselves to a more spiritual life and help them understand their true purpose. No matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, Gabrielle can help. 

Bernstein mostly teaches from her own book, A course in Miracles. She practically teaches this, with an emphasis on forgiveness, self love and spirituality with a holistic approach to it. She has been featured in The New York Times as a next generation guru in 2009. 

HerFuture.com was founded in 2008, this is a mentoring and social networking site for women. Bernstein has also written many books, co-founded a network for entrepreneurial women, this is non-profit and connects woman entrepreneurs. She has also founded SparkPlug Communications which is a PR firm and is a PR entrepreneur. 

In addition, Gabrielle is a New York Times bestselling author, her books include;

You are the Guru, published in 2020. This audio book offers support and solutions whether you are panicking or feeling overwhelmed. It teaches individuals how to feel peace and will reduce feelings of fear, helping you to face life’s challenges and trust our inner wisdom. This book helps you unlock potential that you may have not realised you even had, it provides six memorable messages that help to illuminate a spiritual solution inside everyone and guides us through troubling times these are; 

  • You’re the guru 
  • Connection is created through compassion
  • Stillness
  • Inspired action
  • Creative solutions
  • Love 


Another one of her books is called Super Attractor which was published in 2019, this book allows you to discover where your true power is. You will learn to create the life you want and accept that attracting is enjoyable, life can flow, feel good and you can simply get what you want. It helps you give off a joyous presence that rubs off on everyone around you. This book helps you to claim your desires confidently and you will learn;

  • Trust and relax that what you want is on the way
  • Attract more, do less
  • Spiritual guidance is available
  •  Feel love each day and watch miracles happen

You can change your life if you accept that you can be a super attractor. This book helps you let go of the past and excites you for the future. You will tap into wellbeing, joy and energy. This will then become normal for you as well as show up in your life and bring light around you.

Gabrielle Bernstein Teaching and Events

Gabrielle offers many courses and subscriptions to help likeminded people find peace and spirituality in their life. One being Miracle Membership, here you will receive inspirational content each month such as videos, meditations, podcasts and much more. You will also receive email guidance each week and live training every few months. As well as this, if you join you will become part of their private community where you can meet spiritual buddies and feel uplifted and supported. This is where you can go to feel connected each and every day.

The bestseller masterclass; this course has 5 digital modules and helps you learn practical information and spiritual methods that assist you in successfully publishing a book in today’s marketplace.

Meditation workshop: this is a two hour long workshop that brings mediation to life from Gabrielles book The Universe Has Your Back. you will learn meditation techniques to help enhance your life and enhance your connection to the universe.

Spirit junkie workshop: do you have something important to you that you want to share, a vision or something you want to manifest? If you are wanting to rise up in your life, face your fear and transform your life, then this course gives you the practical tools to do so.

Gabrielle Bernstein Books & Publications

Gabrielle Bernstein has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The Universe

1 New York Times Bestseller! In her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life.

Self Help

Super Attractor

When we connect to the non-physical presence beyond our visible sight, true miracles happen. Super Attractor is a manifesto for making that connection and marrying your spiritual life with your day-to-day experience.

Self Help

Spirit Junkie

Before she became a celebrated teacher and lecturer, Gabrielle was going down a dangerous path. For years, Bernstein struggled with eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and constant self-doubt and self-loathing.

What Can Gabrielle Bernstein Do For You Personally







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