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About Leo Babauta

business strategist & motivational coach

Leo Babauta is a well known author as well as a motivational speaker.

Leo Babauta’s Social Media Profiles

Introduction to Leo Babauta My Story

Leo Babauta, is an accomplished business strategist and motivational coach. He is a well known author in America as well as a motivational speaker and life coach.

Leo Babauta is most known for his training programmes and books in the self-help genre. His most popular books are Zen Habits: Handbook for Life and Essential Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change published in 2009 and 2015 respectively.

“Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.” – Leo Babauta

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Leo Babauta Personal History

Leo is an ordinary man with an interesting life, he is a dad to six children. He is a writer originally from Guam, in 2010 he moved to San Francisco, he now lives in Davis, California. He has learned a lot throughout his life.

In 2005, Leo quit smoking and this taught him a lot about accomplishing goals and habits. He has tried this before and failed several times and when he finally achieved it, he was inspired and this positively affected several aspects of his life.

He then became an avid runner as this helped him to relieve stress. He started running marathons which was a lifetime goal of his to do so, including the Honolulu marathon.

Leo started to change his lifestyle bit by bit which helped with his success. He began waking up earlier so that he had time to run and started enjoying the quiet in the morning. In 2006, Leo became highly organised, he also became a vegetarian so that he could become healthier and lose weight. He limited foods that were sweet, salty and fried and instead ate more vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains. Soon, after he transitioned to a vegan diet and he feels most healthy now.

Leo Babauta Professional Career

For the majority of 2005, he was a freelancer and did not generate a great income, he then doubled this income by working two jobs and now he has tripled his income.
In 2006, he participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote a novel. Once he took control of his finances, he was in a much better position and was able to stick to budgets and soon after was debt free.

Zen habits is a great achievement of Leo and within one year it became one of the top blogs and now has more than 200k subscribers and has been in the top 25 blogs according to Time Magazine. Another book of his is named; mnmlist and is about minimalism.

Leo has written several books, these books have been downloaded and bought by thousands of people and have also been Amazon best sellers. One of his most popular books is called; The Zen Habits Handbook for Life. This is a compilation of the authors best articles relating to Zen Habits. This book teaches readers how to simplify the life you live, how to be more productive, achieve your dreams, stress less and be happier. In this book there are chapters on living consciously, increasing self confidence, cultivating compassion, getting motivated, clearing out your inbox, planning each day, eliminating nonessentials, single tasking, decluttering and so much more. This is a handbook on how to live a better life.

Leo Babauta Teaching and Events

Leo offers many teachings one is called; Sea Change. This is about how you can change your life and that the power is in your hands to do so. It just takes altering one habit and consistently working on it. Everyone has at least one habit that they may want to change and working on these one at a time can be the most beneficial way to do it. It can be too overwhelming to change all habits at once and this can often lead to changing none of them. Providing support and accountability, this training can lead to a new and improved version of yourself. Join a community and change your habits with others.

Fearless training: This programme helps you to train in your meaningful work that is uncertain. The training leaders are committed to assisting you shift your habits that come up as you do your purposeful work.

Fearless mastery: if you are a founder or entrepreneur seeking community on a deeper level along with others just like you who are committed to going on a journey working even if it is uncertain. This is a 6 month course and Costa Rica intensive.

Leo Babauta Books & Publications

Leo Babauta has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Zen Habits

The Zen Habits Handbook for Life is a compilation of Leo Babauta’s best articles on living from a Zen Habits perspective.

Self Help

Essential Zen

Essential Zen Habits shares a method and a six-week program for changing a habit, and outlines steps needed to quit bad habits

Self Help

52 Changes

Want to change your life? Start small. 52 Changes, by Leo Babauta, of Zen Habits fame, suggests 52 changes, one change per week.

What Can Leo Babauta Do For You Personally







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