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About Paul Perry

Documentary Film-maker

Paul Perry is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and near-death experience expert.

Paul Perry’s Social Media Profiles

What is Paul Perry’s Net Worth

$1 Million – $5 Million Dollars

When was Paul Born


Introduction to Paul Perry My Story

Paul Perry is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and near-death experience expert. The 70 year-old, born in 1950, is a well known American author as well as a TV producer and popular figure in the afterlife area of interest.

He is most known for his research and books in the afterlife and near death experience genre. His most popular books are Saved by the Light and Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences, published in 1994 and 2010 respectively. Paul has also been knighted by the Duke of Braganza in Portugal in 2011 for his work in this industry.


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Paul Perry Personal History

Paul Perry is American born and bred, living his early years in the United States with his family. Following a relatively typical childhood, he went on to attend Arizona State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Following this he graduated from Antioch University in Los Angeles with a MFA.

Paul then became a fellow at Columbia University (NYC) in the centre of media studies where he began to teach. He also taught writing for magazines at the University of Oregon. His initial professional goals surrounded becoming an executive editor for American Health magazine which is quite dissimilar to where he ended up. The magazine he then aspired to edit for had won the General Excellence award at the National Magazine Awards.

Back in his personal life, Paul Perry is married to Darlene Perry and they have 3 children together.

Paul Perry Professional Career

It wasn’t until 1986 that Paul became interested in near-death experiences, what they mean for humans as a species and the effects of this phenomenon. He had a personal involvement with Raymond Moody (Ph.D) who is widely considered to be the founder of all near-death studies.

After his introduction to Raymond, the pair went on to research and write 6 books together. These include Paranormal, Glimpses of Eternity, The Light Beyond, Coming Back, Reunions and Paranormal. In addition to this, Paul co-authored another book called Evidence of the Afterlife. All of these publications of near-death experiences have been extremely popular in this sector and out of 14 books he has written or co-written, 4 have gone on to become New York Times bestsellers.

He is a big advocate of the fact all of his work can be pieced together as part of the bigger picture. He has previously noted that all of his works aim to probe the question of ‘What happens when we die?’ but told from multiple points of view. He describes this as one of the most important questions ever asked and his novel aims to answer this question in the most concise and factually accurate manner.
In addition to his writing, Paul Perry has achieved a large amount of success in producing documentary films in the same genre. So much so that he was awarded a knighthood in Portugal by their royal family. He is now a Knight Commander in the Order of Saint Michael of the Wing and the Portuguese Royal House’s official filmmaker.

In his more recent work, he has taken a step deeper into the near-death experience world. He is currently working on a 15th publication that is due to be released in 2021. This book will dive deeper into his knowledge of shared death experiences. He is also working on another documentary film.

Paul Perry Teaching and Events

In addition to his success as an filmmaker and expert in the sector of near death experiences, Paul Perry’s teachings continue based on his personal experiences. He has also written a book called Jesus in Egypt, after the 9/11 attacks in New York, he decided to follow the trail of Jesus in Egypt. This is a route that includes several ancient artifacts and sites that the Holy Family followed.

After his two month venture spanning across several counties, he visited over 30 sites including multiple monasteries. It has been noted that Paul Perry is the first westerner to complete the entire length of the Holy Family Trail. From this Jesus in Egypt was created and highly praised by the civilians of Egypt as well as Publisher’s Weekly.

In addition to his diverse range of books and real world teachings, the expert created a production company called PAUL PERRY Productions which is a niche film production company based just outside Paradise Valley in Arizona. Initially the company was founded in 2005 with the purpose of creating innovative documentary films.

His production company have aired internationally accredited films on his speciality topics such as near-death experiences, miracles and visions, the history of christianity in Egypt, an in depth discovery about the Madagascan pirates and his most recent production was focused on artist Salvador Dali.

Paul Perry Books & Publications

Alongside his many films Paul Perry has written and published a series of bestselling books. Here are some of his most popular books.

Self Help


The grandfather of the modern Near Death Experience (NDE) and After Death Experience (ADE) movement takes readers behind-the-scenes of his groundbreaking research, assessing his lifetime of discoveries and experiences.

Self Help

Coming Back

Investigating past lives with the new science of regression hypnosis. His goal: To discover if we can indeed recall “past lives” and what such memories tell us about the possibility that death is not the end.

Self Help

Glimpses of Eternity

In this stunning sequel, Dr Moody & Paul Perry return to the area in which they made their names and provides compelling new evidence that NDEs are not the mere biological products of brains in the process of shutting down.

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