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About Deborah Meaden

TV personality and business strategist

Deborah Meaden, is an accomplished TV personality and business strategist

Deborah Meaden’s Social Media Profiles

What is Debra Meaden’s Net Worth

£40 million pounds

When was Deborah Born

11 February 1959, Taunton

Introduction to Deborah Meaden My Story

Deborah Meaden, is an accomplished TV personality and business strategist. The 60 year-old, born in 1959, is a well known author in the UK as well as a British businesswoman and owner of several companies. Debra Meaden is most known for her appearances on Dragons Den and books in the business genre. Her most popular book is Common Sense Rules published in 2009.

“Don’t expect anything from anybody, work hard, put your head down, be good at what you do and good stuff will happen.” – Deborah Meaden

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Deborah Meaden Personal History

Debra was born and grew up in Somerset. Her parents got a divorce when Debra was young, then her mother, Deborah and her sister Gail moved to Essex in Brightlingsea. Meaden went to school in Salisbury for a short period of time, then she went to a high school for girls called Trowbridge, she left school at 16.

In 1985, Debra met Paul on his university holidays, who became her husband in 1993. They do not have any children and live in Somerset with several pets. They bought the property they are living in after selling her holiday business for around £33m and have been renovating ever since.
Meaden is an atheist and a vegan, her favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption, favourite sport is Rugby and favourite place to go on holiday is South/Central America.


Deborah Meaden Professional Career

Meaden went to Brighton Technical College after leaving school and studied business, after this she got a role as a model for a sales room within a house of fashion. After graduating, she then moved to live in Italy and built a ceramics and glass export agency, selling products to retailers such as Harvey Nichols. However, after 18 months this company failed.

Furthermore, Meaden and her partner bought a Stefanel textile franchise within the UK, this was based in the West Country, after two years she sold out to her partner for around £10,000. After this she had multiple successful retail and leisure businesses, including a time managing a Prize Bingo in Butlins.

Next, in 1988 Meaden became part of the amusement arcade business, which was run by her family, then in 1992 she partnered with Weststar Holidays which was a holiday park based in Devon. In 1999, Debra guided a buyout in management and then acquired most of the shareholding. Six years later when she sold the company, Weststar provided holidays to over 150,000 people every year, the business was sold for £33 million in a deal with Phoenix Equity Partners, as of 2007 she had a 23% stake which was valued at around £19m.

In addition, in 2009 she obtained Fox Brothers which is a textile mill and based in Somerset along with another shareholder called Douglas Cordeaux. Meaden has achieved so much in her career, in 2011, she also launched Merchant Fox which is a store online selling luxury British goods.

Moreover, Meaden has had several TV appearances, her most well known appearances include Dragons Den on BBC two. To begin with she was the only female dragon until later seasons when Hilary Devey replaced James Caan. She has made several investments on the show valuing more than £3.3m. Debra has also appeared in Strictly Come Dancing, partnering with Robin Windsor.

Furthermore, in 2009 Debra published her book, Common Sense Rules. In this book, she shares her success secrets and offers straightforward and candid advice from her wealth of experience. It highlights how to inspire people with your ideas, how to achieve your goals and stay focused. Her insights also come from the failures and successes of other businesses as well as her own business ventures.

Deborah Meaden Teaching and Events

In 2009, Meaden had a feature in a small film promoting somerset to businesses. She is also a member of the World Wildlife Funds ambassadors council. As well as contributing to a lot of charity work especially with the Dogs Trust.

Throughout Debra’s career she has set up and taken part in many projects such as; Tusk which is committed to promoting education, alleviating poverty and protecting wildlife in Africa. It was established in 1990 and since then it has funded community and conservation development programmed across Africa. The charity has effectively invested more than £16m in more than 100 projects.

Microloan is a foundation offering support to females, business training and small loans in Zambia and Malawi, helping them build small businesses. When the businesses begin to profit, the woman can educate their own children and provide for them.

Lend with care is a great way that can help people to change their future in a developing world. It enables families to find a way out of poverty and directly impact their lives.

Deborah Meaden Books & Publications

Deborah Meaden has written a best selling book

Self Help

Common Sense Rules

Deborah Meaden is known to millions for her straight-talking, no-nonsense approach on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, and in Common Sense Rules she shares insights and observations gleaned from a life lived in business.

What Can Debra Meaden Do For You Personally







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