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About Duncan Bannatyne

entrepreneur and philanthropist

Duncan Bannatyne is a well known author, businessman & TV personality.

Duncan Bannatyne’s Social Media Profiles

What is Duncan Bannatyne’s Net Worth

$645 Million Dollars

When was Duncan Born

2 February 1949, Clydebank

Introduction to Duncan Bannatyne My Story

Duncan Bannatyne, is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. The 71 year-old, born on February 2nd 1949, is a well known author in the UK as well as having appearances on TV, specifically Dragons Den. He has taken part in and led a large amount of charity work. Duncan Bannatyne has an OBE and is known for books in the self-help genre. His most popular books are Anyone Can Do It and Wake Up and Change Your Life, published in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

“Life is too fragile and valuable to be spent doing something you hate.” – Duncan Bannatyne

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Duncan Bannatyne Personal History

Bannatyne was born in Glasgow, his dad was named Bill and he had served in World War 2, then he worked at the Singer plant. Duncan lived in a shared house with his siblings and parents along with multiple other families. He went to Dalmuir primary school and after passing over eleven exams he earned a place at a high school in Clydebank. His entrepreneurial skills started to show from a young age when he had to think of ways to make enough money to buy a bike.

In 1964, Duncan became part of the Royal Navy as an engineering mechanic. He was in the Navy for many years until he got a dishonorable discharge when he was 19. After this he had to serve time in the military detention center.

In 2006, he was awarded by the University of Glasgow Caledonian an honorary doctorate of science for services relating to charity and business. In 2009, from Teesside University he received a business administration honorary doctorate.

In 2017, Duncan married in Portugal to Nigora Whitehorn. With his first wife he has four children, with his second wife he has two children and he also has grandchildren, Austin and Ava. Currently, Bannatyne is living in Portugal. He has also been diagnosed with prosopagnosia, making it difficult for him to recognise people’s faces.

Duncan Bannatyne Professional Career

In his twenties Bannatyne moved around several jobs. He was a vehicle fitter in agriculture fixing tractors, he lived in Jersey and worked as a hospital porter, deckchair attendant and sold ice cream. He also partied, surfed and found his first wife there. With the island’s tough outsider business climate, Duncan and his wife moved to North East England when he was 29. He could not afford to live in Jersey and did not get a bank account until he was 30.

When he arrived in the North East, his business career took off, selling ice cream after buying a van for £450. He then expanded this business and sold it for £28,000, soon after he founded a nursing home business named Quality Care homes, he then sold this in 1997 for £26 million.

Since then, Bannatyne has established health clubs, called Bannatyne Health Club & Spa, as well as properties and hotels. In 2006, he obtained from Hilton Hotels 26 health clubs for £92 million. Now in the United Kingdom The Bannatyne Group is the largest health club independant chain with around 71 sites. In 2018, the business had 46 spas and 4 hotels. In 2018, he was estimated to be worth £280 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

In addition, Duncan has written several books including;

  • Riding the Storm
  • 37 Questions Everyone in Business Needs to Answer
  • 43 mistakes Businesses Make
  • How to be Smart With Your Time
  • Wake Up and Change Your Life: Duncan Bannatyne highlights how he set up his business and made it a great success. He knows exactly how to do it and to avoid downfalls on the way up. This book removes the barriers to becoming an entrepreneur and helps people move through the early start-up days. Hard work pays off and the book emphasises how you need to be entirely honest about what your weaknesses and strengths are so that you have a chance of success. He suggests the key attributes that you need and ways in which you can develop these to reach your goals. It is full of interesting examples about his career and case studies from other entrepreneurs.
  • Anyone Can Do It: At 30, Duncan had little money, he was enjoying himself on the Jersey beaches. He read a story about someone who was a self made millionaire, so he decided to do this himself. Five years after he was a millionaire. The book highlights his path to success from selling ice cream to becoming a multi-millionaire and explains that anyone can do the same if they set their mind to it. There are many fascinating stories in this book, it is a business book and autobiography.

Duncan Bannatyne Teaching and Events

Duncan Bannatyne has appeared on several TV shows including Dragons Den, whereby he has helped many startup entrepreneurs along their journey and helped them reach success. He has invested into 36 businesses.

Bannatyne partly received his OBE for his work with charities like Mary’s meals. In addition, he has funded many projects over ten-years in Romania, such as Casa Bannatyne which is a hospice for orphans. In 2008, the Bannatyne Charitable Trust was established.

Duncan Bannatyne Books & Publications

Duncan Bannatyne has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Anyone Can Do It

At 30, Duncan Bannatyne had no money and was enjoying life on the beaches of Jersey. He saw a story of someone who had made himself a millionaire, and decided to do the same. Five years later he had done it, and now he is worth £168 million.

Self Help

Riding the Storm

Riding the Storm is the inspirational account of how Duncan overcame immense personal and professional struggles. It’s a survival story, full of insights into how he adapted his businesses and his life to new financial realities.

Self Help

37 Questions

Bestselling business author and star of BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, Duncan Bannatyne is back with a brand new book. 37 Questions covers all the essential queries business managers and entrepreneurs should be able to ask themselves.

What Can Duncan Bannatyne Do For You Personally







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