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About Evan Davis

economist and BBC presenter

Evan Davis is an accomplished journalist, economist & best selling author.

Evan Davis’ Social Media Profiles

What is Evan Davis’ Net Worth

£700 Thousand

When was Evan Born

8 April 1962, Malvern

Introduction to Evan Davis My Story

Evan Harold Davis was born on the 8th of April 1962 he is an accomplished journalist, English economist and presenter at the BBC. The 58 year-old, is also a well known author. Evan Davis is most known for his books in the self-help genre. His most popular books are Public spending and Made in Britain: How the Nation Earns Its Living, published in 1998 and 2011 respectively. Evan has been a presenter on BBC Radio 4, since 2018. In addition, he has been a Dragons Den presenter since 2005.

“It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Plain everyday things.” – Evan Davis

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Evan Davis Personal History

Evan was born in Worcestershire in Malvern to parents who were from South Africa, Hazel Noreen and Quintin Visser Davis. Furthermore, he then grew up in Surrey in Ashtead. He then went to a grammar school named Dorking County, which then became the Ashcombe school in 1976. In Oxford at St John’s College he received a first in economics, politics and philosophy, he attended the college between 1981 and 1984. Soon after, from Harvard University at the Kennedy school of Government he obtained an MPA. While studying in Oxford, he was the editor of the school newspaper, Cherwell.

Davis now lives in London, he lives with his partner who is a landscape architect named Guillaume Baltz. In addition, he owns a whippet called Mr. Whippy. Evan enjoys motorcycling and has done so on BBC 2.

Evan Davis Professional Career

Ethan began working at the Institute for Fiscal Studies with an economist role, while he was there he helped officials with working on the early stages of development of the Poll Tax. Then in 1988 he transferred to the Business School in London, he wrote articles on their review for the publication business strategy. In 1992, he went back to the Institute of Fiscal Studies and wrote the paper “Britain, Europe and the Square Mile” to give to the European Policy Forum.

In 1993, Ethan started on the BBC, he was a correspondent for economics. Between 1997 and 2001, he worked for the BBC 2 Newsnight as an economics editor. In the middle of the 1990s he became a Social Market Foundations member of the Advisory Council, he is also a British American Project member for the successor generation.

Along with his role at Today, Evan has presented Dragons Den and The Bottom Line, which is a discussion programme. Moreover, he has honorary degrees received from Aston University, Coventry, Cardiff, Uni of London and the Open University.

In addition to this, Davis has written several books, in 1998 he published his first book called Public Spending. The book describes a vision to reinspire the general public to utilise again public spending. It highlights the issues in the sector for the public as well as reform areas. It provides a source of information for Britain’s public spending. It provides practicalities, theory and facts in a prescription and descriptive way.

The book is targeted most towards the prime minister, their advisors, students and advisors of economics and politics.
His second book was called Made in Britain: How the Nation Earns Its Living, 2011. This book looks into the manufacturing industries and reveals leaders in the field. It shows how Britain has specialised in a niche high end area that other countries envy. It takes in the successes and disappointments of the country and the economic history, which explores the unique blend of economic free thinking, innovation and resilience, making the country who they are.

His next published book is called Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It, 2017. A level of dishonesty is prevalent everywhere, it comes in the form of careful drafting, certain use of facts and exaggeration. This book is insightful, delving into the deceptions of life, assessing how this has happened. It draws on theories in behavioral science, media, psychology and economics. The book ends with a tool kit to help readers deal with deceptions that they encounter and the steps they should take to get through these times.

Evan Davis Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, Evan has taken part in many teaching and events. In november 2018, on Radio 4 he began his role as a presenter.

In addition, in relation to his third book, Post Truth he undertook research delving into the media, psychology, economics and behavioral science to understand and help his followers understand the logic behind why people act in certain ways.

Mind gap was another of Evans projects, this was a series with two parts that explores opposite forces of the economic performance between South East regions and London compared to other parts of the United Kingdom, he examines the increased investment case.

Evan Davis Books & Publications

Evan Davis has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Made in Britain

What are countries famous for making? For Japan, the answer might be electronic goods. For Germany, automobiles. For France, perhaps a Louis Vuitton bag. But what about Britain? Here, Evan Davis sets himself the task of finding out. Offering a fascinating look at our manufacturing industries and revealing the various companies that might not be household names.

Self Help


Low-level dishonesty is rife everywhere, in the form of exaggeration, selective use of facts, economy with the truth, careful drafting – from Trump and the Brexit debate to companies that tell us ‘your call is important to us’. How did we get to a place where bullshit is not just rife but apparently so effective that it’s become the communications strategy of our times?

Self Help

Public Spending

This book by Evan Davis outlines a vision of the state that can re-inspire the public to support public spending again. It documents the problems of the public sector, and outlines areas for reform. It also provides an intelligent account of the issues surrounding public spending in Britain today. Evan Davis examines the facts, some theory and practicalities of spending policy.

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