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About James Altucher

entrepreneur and hedge fund manager

James Altucher is a well known author and podcaster both in America and globally.

James Altucher’s Social Media Profiles

What is James Altucher’s Net Worth

$50 million Dollars

When was James Born

22 January 1968, New York, New York, United States

Introduction to James Altucher My Story

James Altucher is a well known entrepreneur and hedge fund manager. The 52 year-old, born on January 22nd 1968, is also a well known author and podcaster in America and globally.

He is most popular for his investment qualities and books in the self-help and motivational genres. His most popular books are Choose Yourself! Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream and Reinvent Yourself, published in 2013 and 2017 respectively. James has also contributed to and been recognised by several large publications such as The Financial Times and the The Wall Street Journal.

“When the lights come on inside of you, everyone in the world can see a little better” – James Altucher

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James Altucher Personal History

James Altucher is American born and bred, living his early years in the United States, with his family. His early life was relatively standard and he showed moderate levels of academic intelligence throughout his schooling. After high school, the now successful entrepreneur attended Cornell University and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in computer science in 1989. This built the foundation of his academic success.

Following graduation, James began a career initially in IT with HBO. Later, in a personal space, the successful businessman went on to co-own Stand Up NY for his love of comedy. In addition to this, he became a National Chess Master in 2012.

Jame Altucher’s history of relationships has been intermittent. After a significant first marriage ended he went on to marry Claudia Azula Altucher where the couple lived together in New York City and had 2 children. The pair eventually divorced and James has recently married Robyn Altucher. The pair have 5 children between them.

James Altucher Professional Career

Following his stint in HBO’s IT department, he began hosting occasional interviews and news reports. He branched out into business and entrepreneurship which is where the remainder of his career has been carried out. James’s first business was Rest Inc, founded in 1996, this was a web design firm which eventually sold for $10 million dollars!

Following this large sale and his resignation to HBO, Jame Altucher took on the role of managing director at Formula Capital where he learnt the ropes in asset management. Making a comeback into television, the entrepreneur has also been known to work for CNN Radio, Bloomberg TV and Fox News on multiple temporary basis. From this experience, in more recent years, he has also released a series of podcasts called Ask Altucher and The James Altucher Show.

After this, the businessman began trading hedge funds from 2002 to 2006. At one point he also managed a fund of hedge funds. Then, after 2006, he went on to found StockPickr. After this business was named within Time Magazine’s 50 Best Website in 2007, the company was sold for $10 million dollars. Shortly after in 2012, one of James’s most pivotal investments was in Buddy Media, the company sold for $745 million dollars.

Through this abundance of wealth from business sales, this entrepreneur began writing on a more permanent basis. His most popular books were released after 2012, starting with 40 Alternatives to College. The writer then went on to publish arguably his most popular book Choose Yourself in 2013. This book highlights the wealth of opportunities everyone in the first world has to hand to take advantage of.

Other popular works by James Altucher include Notebook: the Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness, published in 2014, which describes the power of saying NO. The book takes the reader through a path of healing and happiness in abundance through simple principles that can be applied to everyday life.
In addition to this, James published The Rich Employee in 2015 which describes the difference in mindset between a rich employee and a poor employee. It details an action plan to become rich as an employee in our times.

James Altucher Teaching and Events

Additionally to James Altucher’s most popular and bestselling books, he has published more than 20 in total. Many of his works have appeared on The Wall Street Journal’s bestsellers list as well as USA today’s list of best business books ever!

Further to his writing, James Altucher attends regular speaking events. In addition to his own seminars and workshops, he has presented on TEDx San Diego talks about his most popular book Choose Yourself.

In addition to this, he is a regularly streamed podcaster. As a co-author of Freakonomics Question of the Day, he regularly hosts his own podcast show called The James Altucher Show. This popular podcast features similar influencers in the self-help genre such as Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington.

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James Altucher Books & Publications

James Altucher has a number of best selling motivational books.

Self Help

Reinvent Yourself – James Altucher

I’ve reinvented my career, my interests, my life, many times over the past twenty years. This is the book I wish I had at the beginning of that long and often volatile journey.

Self Help

The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

This is a bold book by James Altucher because he not only gives you a new map for the new financial landscape, but he also REVEALS HOW HE, PERSONALLY, MAKES HIS OWN MONEY.

Self Help

+ Notebook: the Power of No

No is not only a solution; it is a path for people to heal and happiness into their lives. Every time you say yes to something you don’t want to you can experience a spate of negative outcomes

What Can James Altucher Do For You Personally







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