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About James Caan

motivational speaker and TV personality

James Caan is an accomplished business strategist and motivational coach.

James Caan’s Social Media Profiles

What is James Caan’s Net Worth

£95 million pounds

When was James Born

28 December 1960, Lahore, Pakistan

Introduction to James Caan My Story

James Caan, born Nazim Khan, is an accomplished business strategist and motivational coach. The 59 year-old, born on December 28th 1960, is a well known author in the UK as well as a motivational speaker and TV personality. He has taken part in and led a large amount of charity work.

James Caan is most known for his public speaking and books in the business genre. His most popular books are The Real Deal and Start your business in seven days published in 2008 and 2012 respectively. In addition, he is the chairman for the start up loans scheme as well as being the founder of the James Caan Foundation.

“It is people who bring life and success into a business” – James Caan

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James Caan Personal History

Caan was born in Pakistan and he then emigrated to the UK with his family. His dad built a business up from nothing, a clothing business in London. When Caan was 16 he moved out of his parents house and went to a recruitment agency. He began as a salesman, then decided he wanted an office job, so worked for Grand Metropolitan before starting his own business.
Caan did not succeed at school and didn’t go to university however, in 2003 he did attend Harvard business school for a programme in advanced management.

James Caan Professional Career

In 1987, James founded a recruitment company called Alexander Mann. In 1993 he then co-founded Humana International which is an executive headhunting business, which has expanded in 30 countries. In 1999, he sold this business to CDI International. In 2002, he sold his Alexander Mann interests which at the time had a £130m turnover. Soon after, he sold the rest of his interests to Graphite Private Equity.

In 2004, he established an equity firm in London called Hamilton Bradshaw, it is reported to have a turnover of over £300 million. Along with this he has founded many and bought several other businesses including the start up loans company, which helps people start up businesses.

James Caan is also well known for his TV appearances, in particular being a judge on Dragons Den. During this time he also worked for Youth Dragons Den, which links with Children in need which James worked very closely with. Then in 2008 himself and the Dragon Den presenters teamed up with comic relief for a special edition programme. In 2014, he became a columnist for Business Matters, one of the biggest business magazines in the UK.

Furthermore, Caan has written multiple books relating to his life and business. His first book was published in 2008 called ‘The Real Deal – My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons’ Den’. this covers his life and journey. It discusses his personal and financial achievements. Offering an account of what success at thirty is like. The book also highlights what is what it is like to be on Dragons Den, it is an insightful business book.

Another of James Caan’s books is called start your business in seven days, this was published in 2012. This book is full of advice and based on thirty years of building businesses. It gives fundamental advice for anyone starting a new business and building it up, no matter what sector or size of the business.

James Caan Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, James Caan has been involved in several motivational talks, seminars and personal performances. His viewpoints on life, techniques and practices are innovative, so he uses his mentoring, speeches and writings to provide to his followers teachings of entrepreneurship. 

James Caan is an avid motivational business speaker and is a leader for business in the UK, he offers charismatic and exceptional speeches. He has delivered speeches for several clients including; Samsung, Santander and Google along with many others. His life experiences shape his talks and he uses it to energise and motivate audiences ranging from around 500 to 5000 people. 

Caan also offers mentoring sessions. With his entrepreneurial experience, he uses mentor sessions to share knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. He utilises them guiding and nurturing others as well as sharing his wisdom in business. 

In addition, James is a judge he offers a bespoke package for this including; 

  • Marketing campaigns for social media, helping to promote and increase prospective. candidates into the market competition.
  • Mentoring sessions.
  • Evaluate and screen applicants quality.
  • Recommended possible judges, making your event compelling and powerful.

James Caan Books & Publications

James Caan has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The Real Deal

After dropping out of school at just sixteen, James Caan started his business life in a broom cupboard with no qualifications and two pieces of fatherly wisdom: ‘observe the masses and do the opposite’ and ‘always look for opportunities where both parties benefit’.

Self Help

Start Your Business

Every single day of my life I am bombarded by people with pitches. But 90% of new businesses fail, because their founders failed to ask themselves the simplest of questions.I can save you years of wasted time and thousands of pounds

Self Help

Get The Job

It is possible to have the job of your dreams.  Before I joined the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, I spent thirty years setting up and running recruitment companies, placing hundreds of thousands of candidates in the jobs they really wanted.

What Can James Caan Do For You Personally







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