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About Tai Lopez

Business Entrepreneur

Tai Lopez, is an accomplished investor and business entrepreneur.

Tai Lopez’ Social Media Profiles

What is Tai Lopez Net Worth

$60 million dollars

When was Tai Born

1 April 1977

Introduction to Tai Lopez My Story

Tai Lopez, is an accomplished investor and business entrepreneur. The 43 year-old, born on April 11th 1977, is a popular personality in America as well as a public speaker and virtual life coach.

He is most known for his online coaching programs and social media influence. His popular online courses include The 67 Steps Program and Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0. He acknowledges these as turning points to the “Good Life”. Tai also has a social following of over 10 million acros Facebook (6M), Instagram (3M) and YouTube (1.3M).

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want” – Tai Lopez

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Tai Lopez Personal History

Tai Lopez was born in California, spending most of his early years in Long Beach, he now lives in Los Angeles. His family consisted of his mother and grandmother as his father spent time in prison during Tai’s childhood. Tai’s entrepreneurship first came to light when he was 6! His mother asked him to sell cherry tomatoes from their garden, and instead opened a lemonade stand to earn more money.

Due to his family neighbourhood, Tai Lopez struggled to make friends growing up and much preferred reading. He became interested in the worlds of Aristotle and the concept of a “Good Life”. This combined with an important piece of advice from his grandfather, began his research into influential self-help authors.

Tai Lopez attended university for a short period before leaving to find the meaning of the “Good Life”, which became a common theme throughout his life. He continued to read more and more books on such topics and decided to follow these influential authors… literally. He travelled to over 50 countries in search of meeting and speaking to such people. He even resided in India for a short time with a temporary job.

When Tai eventually returned to the United States, he had no money and nowhere to live. Moving back to his mums, he only had $47 to his name and decided it was time to turn his life around. He used the now almost redundant Yellow Pages book and found an advert in the business and finance section in an attempt to find a mentor. He contacted said advertiser, Mike, and together they agreed Tai could work for free whilst being mentored in everything finance. This realigned his journey to the “Good Life” and is where his professional career began.

Nowadays, Tai lives in Los Angeles and is not shy of a party or two. He also loves playing the piano, Jiu-Jitsu and salsa dancing.

Tai Lopez Professional Career

Following the advice of his mentor, Tai Lopez went on to own a chain of nightclubs in Hollywood, one of his earliest business ventures. Then moving on to investing and influencing. One of his biggest growths of wealth came from owning Elite Global Dating LLC from 2007.

Alongside his wealth, he continued his pursuit of the “Good Life”. He has read 1 book a day for the best part of his entire life and shares the books he reads across his audiences (of over 1 million) so they can share the same knowledge. This makes it one of the largest book clubs in the world! He suggests reading each book as though it’s a mentor as opposed to a piece of literature.

In addition to his book club network, his pursuit of the “Good Life” also involves him reaching millions of viewers across his very engaged social channels. With over 10 million combined followers, his network is large to say the least. A portion of his influencer status and wealth could be attributed to his public outings documented across these channels with Hollywood A-Listers. From this he promotes his conferences and online training programs.

Tai Lopez Teaching and Events

Tai Lopez, has a range of wealth building and personal development courses and presentations. His main teachings are The 67 Steps Program, Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 and his TED Talks.

The 67 Steps Program highlights Tai’s personal lessons in financial gain as a way to be ‘set free’ and gain a deeper philosophical understanding of the “Good Life.

Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 brings together a 4 month program of the most important lessons in creating a marketing agency and getting clients from it including marketing trends and tips to grow a client base, fast!

Tai Lopez has also given TED Talks at a United Business Institute Event. His talk discussed “Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33%”. His talk built further on his dedication to reading and knowledge. It encircles his reading journey and how it has led him to the “Good Life” he read about all those years ago.

What Can Tai Lopez Do For You Personally







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