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About Sahar Hashemi

Business Strategist & Motivational Coach

Sahar Hashemi coffee bar founder, entrepreneur and life coach

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What is Sahar Hashemi’s Net Worth

$35 Million Dollars

When was Sahar Born


Introduction to Sahar Hashemi My Story

Sahar Hashemi is an accomplished business strategist and motivational coach. The 52 year-old, born in 1968, is a well known author in England, as well as an entrepreneur and life coach.

She has taken part in and led a large amount of charity work, which she received an OBE for. Sahar Hashemi is most known for her 1 to 1 coaching and books in the entrepreneurship genre. Her most popular books are Anyone Can Do It and Start Up Forever, published in 2004 and 2019 respectively. Sahar has also been recognised by Management Today and Independent on Sunday in their power lists.

“As companies grow they acquire a dogma that constrains them” – Sahar Hashemi

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Sahar Hashemi Personal History

Sahar Hashemi went to a school for only girls in the City of London, where she obtained a scholarship for corporate exhibition. At the Bristol University, Sahar studied law. After graduating Hashemi started training and then became a qualified solicitor with the law firm Frere Cholmeley Bischoff’s.

Sahar Hashemi Professional Career

Alongside her brother Bobby, Sahar created and co-founded the company Coffee Republic, which is the first chain of US-style coffee bars in the UK. The original site opened in 1995 on South Molton Street. In 1998, the group was listed on Alternative Investment Market by changing into the Arion Properties. Furthermore, in 2000, Coffee Republic changed from AIM onto the full list. By 2001, the brand had 108 stores opened, when Sahar left the company to write her book Anyone Can Do It.
In addition, the confectionary brand named Skinny Candy was launched by Hashemi in 2005. This produced low fat chocolates and sweets. The collection is distributed throughout Coffee Republic, Waitrose, Julian Graves, TopShop, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Then in 2007, the brand sold 50% of the company to Glisten PLC.

Sahar has written several books including; Anyone Can Do It, which was co written with Bobby Hashemi and was published in 2003. The book mentions their journey and how they turned the initial Coffee Republic idea into a successful high street brand. The book is aimed towards startup entrepreneurs and highlights how they are special people. The book has now translated into 6 languages and has got to number one on the business chart for Amazon, it has also received endorsements from the Institute of Directors, The Princes Trust and the DTI.
Another one of her books is named Switched On and in 2010 it was published. It incorporates her ideas of intrapreneurship, this is a management style in business embracing innovation and risk-taking approaches, which more traditionally is known as entrepreneurship.
Moreover, Sahar Hashemi has taken part in a lot of charity work and supports The Princes Trust, she donates part of the money earnt from her book Anyone Can Do It to the charity for youth. She also sits on the corporate development board for NSPCC and she has the role of patron for child bereavement in the UK. In 2004, she was also part of a government campaign for business skills in an attempt to try to encourage employers to enhance staff skills.

Sahar Hashemi has won several awards including;

  • Young leader globally in the world economic forum
  • Top british 35 women under 35: Management Today
  • Britain’s most powerful woman: Independent on Sunday

Sahar Hashemi Teaching and Events

Hashemi is known for being a Princes Trust speaker ambassador. She has given many keynote speeches for the Women’s Summit Institute of Directors, Malaysia Global Leadership Forum, IAA world congress and the Wall Street Journal.

Sahar is an avid speaker and offers one to one coaching. The coaching is individually and flexibly tailored to each person allowing them to effectively incorporate the strategies towards their team and build upon their entrepreneurial mindset. In the start up coaching behaviours taught can instantly be implemented and committed to. This may take persistence but it will pay off.

The coaching lasts around 60 to 90 minutes once a month, so that entrepreneurs are able to commit to it. These sessions are focused, sharp and do not use cliche or jargon. The ethos for this coaching is to react to each leader’s strengths and specific development areas they need to work on. All sessions vary and do not have a set flow or agenda that needs to be stuck to. This allows for honesty and transparency with clients. As well as a complete understanding of how clients are wanting to change and how they can claim this with start up culture.

Sahar Hashemi Books & Publications

Sahar Hashemi has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Anyone Can Do It

Thinking about starting the business of your dreams? So what’s holding you back? Is it the fear of the unknown? If you are even contemplating starting a business of your own, perhaps you feel ‘stuck’ where you are now?

Self Help

Switched On

Life is too short to just come in for the paycheque
Let’s face it, you work for the best years of your life and spend most of your waking hours on the job, so make sure you are energized, fulfilled and buzzing.

Self Help

Start Up Forever

In Start-Up Forever, Sahar throws out the excuses that have previously stifled entrepreneurial behaviour in big companies. She believes big companies acting like start-ups is neither unattainable, nor complicated.

What Can Sahar Hashemi Do For You Personally







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