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Personal development is the best way to conquer your way through 2022. Improving your own life and mentality, indirectly improves the quality of life of the people around you. Everyone has a better version of themselves that they aspire to, but how do you reach that goal and better yourself? Here are some steps to accelerate your self growth and be the person you always wanted to be. 

Self reflection is everything. 

It is easy to ignore your problems and the responsibilities and repercussions of your actions. Self denial comes in all forms, but the more you ignore the areas of your life that need growth, the harder it is for your true self to blossom. Take time out of your day to note your strengths and weaknesses, take pride in the things that you are doing well and the areas of your life where you are showing improvement and growth, but acknowledge and tackle the areas where you are lacking, head on. 

Maximise your strengths & work through your weaknesses. 

Take what you have learned in your self reflection and improve your strengths. Self development doesn’t have to be negative, in fact you should amplify your talents and gifts to share them with the rest of the world! However, weaknesses should be acknowledged. Work through all of the areas where you find yourself slipping and find ways through coaching, self help books, therapy and general support from people around you, in order to improve on them. 

Try regular meditation. 

Another must for people serious about improving themselves, is regular meditation. 10 minutes of silence, focusing on your surroundings, your breathing, your heartbeat, can be really beneficial to your overall health, your mood and productivity. 

Exercise, diet and lifestyle. 

Simply put, your lifestyle choices impact almost every single little aspect of your day to day life. Don’t just focus on your inner self and feelings, but focus on your physical self. Engaging all aspects of yourself, including mind, body and spirit is the most important step you can take towards bettering yourself. Find appropriate regimes that you can stick to on a regular basis. Expand your mind with regular reading and learning more about the world and people around you. Don’t close yourself off into a self enclosed bubble, open up to the sights, sounds and smells around you and enjoy life a little bit more. 

Give back to others. 

Self development is not selfish, but we can develop via the actions and ways we improve the lives of others and interact with those around us. If you want to experience genuine happiness, there is nothing quite like making other people around you feel good, and doing things to improve their lives. Be the change that you want to see in the world, take note of ongoing injustices or social situations that you wish to change or see improvement in. Be involved in the world around you, on a community, national or international level. Whatever it is, no matter how small, be neighbourly and push others to be better and succeed, which will in turn make you a better and more well rounded person. 

Turning your life around and making yourself a better person sounds like quite a mountain to climb. But ultimately, the path to self discovery and development is as easy as the simple steps above. A healthy lifestyle, a positive outlook and a willingness to learn, to do better and to live a full life, can really go a long way. So change your mindset, to change your life. 

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