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The race towards net-zero emissions is well under way and businesses across the globe are now beginning to take drastic measures towards sustainability and changing the way that they think when it comes to running a greener business. You don’t have to go green overnight, but small steps are still progress, so here is some information about reducing energy consumption and making changes in a sustainable way. 

Look at your property

We’re all familiar with the energy efficiency ratings of our homes, but if you operate in a premise, what about the energy efficiency of your building? If you own your building you may be able to access grants and funding to help offset the cost of these changes. If you’re a tenant, talk to your landlord and discuss whether there are any changes they would be willing to make in order to reduce consumption.  

Look at your process

What can you do in your daily business activity to reduce your energy consumption? This is a crucial first step on the road to being a green business and can also save you some money on your utility bills. Turn down the lights, turn off computers that aren’t in use, hold online meetings to help your staff cut down on travel and try to ensure staff and office recycling wherever possible. 

Look at your deliveries

Look into how your suppliers conduct business and how they may be able to improve their sustainability. Can you group orders together and reduce how many deliveries you have during the week. Or is it possible for you to change to a courier or delivery service that has publicly committed to reducing their carbon footprint and has a similar mission statement when it comes to green goals. 

Assess your own lifestyle

Of course, running a business takes up a lot of time, but are there ways in which you can reduce your own carbon footprint and partake in a greener lifestyle. Set an example to the rest of your team, practice what you preach and make changes where possible outside of work as well as in the office. 

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