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Personal Development for Teachers | Full Development Plan

Personal Development for Teachers

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be an effective teacher. Like other careers, there are those who are more natural at it than others. Even those with the most natural teaching ability must put in the time necessary to cultivate their innate talent. Personal growth and development is a critical component that all teachers must embrace in order to maximize their potential.

There are several different methods and opportunities for the personal growth of a teacher. Most teachers will use a combination of these methods to solicit valuable feedback and information that will guide their teaching career. Some teachers may prefer one method over another, but each item on the following list of professional development for teachers, should be useful to teachers of all abilities;

Be Flexible

As a teacher, you should learn to be flexible while teaching your students. You should know their strengths and their weaknesses and be able to use different methods to teach, so that all your students can understand what you are teaching.

You also need to know how best to relate with each of your students such that they would be able to learn and appreciate your efforts.

Continue to Learn

In life, things are continuously evolving and every single day, new things are being developed. Even if no new thing were ever developed, it is still impossible to finish learning everything in the world. Thus, everybody must continue to learn every single day for as long as they live. This is more so for teachers, who are expected to always be ahead of their students and be always ready to answer their questions.

Considering how much information students can be exposed to today with the Internet and all, a teacher has to put in more effort to continue to learn about their fields and generally.

Advanced Degree

Earning an advanced degree in an area within education is a fantastic way to gain a fresh perspective. It is also an excellent way to learn about the newest educational trends. It provides tremendous networking opportunities, can lead to a pay increase, and allows you to specialise in an area where you may have more interest. Going this route is not for everyone. It can be time-consuming, costly, and sometimes overwhelming as you try to balance the other aspects of your life with those of earning a degree. You must be organised, self-motivated, and adept at multi-tasking to use this as a successful way to improve yourself as a teacher.

Teacher-Teacher Observations

Observations should be a two-way street. Doing the observing and being observed are equally valuable learning tools. Teachers should be open to allowing other teachers in their classroom on a regular basis.

Every teacher is different. They all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. During observations, the observing teacher is able to take notes detailing the other teacher’s strength and weaknesses. This provides a collaborative opportunity for both teachers to grow and improve.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring can be an invaluable tool for professional growth and development. Every young teacher should be paired with a veteran teacher. This relationship can prove to be beneficial for both teachers so long as both sides keep an open mind. Young teachers can lean on a veteran teacher’s experience and knowledge while veteran teachers can gain a fresh perspective and insight into the newest educational trends. A mentoring program provides teachers with a natural support system where they are able to seek feedback and guidance, exchange ideas, and vent at times.

Learn to Tell Stories

One of the easiest ways to get the attention of your students when teaching, is to say interesting things that will always get their attention. You could tell stories and light jokes related to the subject you are teaching. That way, even if they are almost forgetting the facts about the topic, once they remember your story, it could help them remember every other thing you have taught them.


There is an overabundance of books and periodicals dedicated to teachers. You can find a plethora of terrific books to help improve in any area you may struggle with as a teacher.

You will probably not agree with every facet of every book or periodical, but most offer sensational titbits that we can apply to ourselves and to our classrooms. Asking other teachers, talking to administrators, or doing a quick online search can provide you with a good list of must-read literature.

The Internet

The Internet provides unlimited resources to teachers with the click of a mouse. There are millions of lesson plans, activities, and information available online for teachers.

This instant access to resources and content makes teachers better. With the Internet, there is no excuse for failing to provide your students with the highest quality lessons. If you need a supplemental activity for a particular concept, you can find likely find it quickly.

Professional Development Workshops/Conferences

Great professional development can be critical to the overall development of a teacher. Great teachers recognise their weaknesses and attend professional development workshops/conferences to improve these areas.

Many teachers commit a portion of their summer holidays to attending professional development workshops/conferences which can provide teachers with invaluable networking opportunities that can further enhance their overall growth and improvement.

Reach Out

Technology is changing the face of education inside and outside of the classroom. Never before have teachers been able to make the global connections that they are able to make now.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) are providing teachers with a new avenue for personal growth and development. These connections provide teachers with a vast array of knowledge and information from other professionals across the globe.

Teachers struggling in a particular area are able to ask their PLN for advice. They quickly receive responses with valuable information they can use for improvement.


Experience is perhaps the greatest teacher. No amount of training can truly prepare you for the adversity that a teacher can face in the real world. First year teachers often wonder what they have gotten themselves into over the course of that first year. It can be frustrating and disheartening, but it does become easier.

A classroom is in effect a laboratory and teachers are chemists constantly tinkering, experimenting, and mixing things up until they find the right combination that works for them. Each day and year brings about new challenges, but experience allows us to adapt quickly and make changes ensuring that things continue to operate efficiently.

 As a teacher, you have a very important responsibility of imparting knowledge to the younger generation. However, people are often different with different things appealing to them. This also applies to learn as there are some people that you could explain a concept for within 5 minutes and they would get it. However, others that are the same age could need 50 minutes of explanation and they would still not fully get it. Thus, as a teacher, it is important to continue to improve yourself on how to carry all your pupils along while teaching them.

Hopefully this article will assist in giving you a teacher personal development plan example that you can build on. If you have any other tips or advice on how to be a better teacher, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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