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About Mel Robbins

motivational speaker and author

Mel Robbins, is a well known author as well as a television host.

Mel Robbins’ Social Media Profiles

What is Mel Robbins’ Net Worth

$12 Millions Dollars

When was Mel Born

6 October 1968, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Introduction to Mel Robbins My Story

Mel Robbins, born Mel Schneeberger, is an accomplished television host and motivational speaker. The 51 year old, born October 6th 1968, is a well known author in America and talk show host. On CNN, she has covered the trial for George Zimmerman.

Mel Robbins is most known for her public speaking and books in the motivation and self help genre. Her most popular books are The five second rule published in 2017.

“Knowing what you need to do to improve your life takes wisdom. Pushing yourself to do it takes courage.” – Mel Robbins

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Mel Robbins Personal History

Mel Robbins, born in Missouri in Kansas City, she then grew up in Michigan in North Muskegon where she went to Dartmouth College. She then attended Boston College Law school where she gained a J.D. degree in 1994. She got married to Christopher Robbins in 1996, who was an entrepreneur, they went on to have three children.

However, when she was 41, Mel thought her life was falling apart, she was unemployed, close to bankruptcy, low confidence levels and marriage spiralling. After this, she decided to make a change within her life and this was when she created her own 5 second rule.

Mel Robbins Professional Career

Mel Robbins started her career working as an attorney in criminal defense, she then became a legal analyst at CNN. She has also worked as a host in many roles including; The Mel Robbins Show with Cox Media Group, Someones gotta go on Fox and A&Es monster in laws. Robbins in 2011 published the book, Stop saying you’re fine: Discover a more powerful you. In 2014, Mel Robbins was awarded the Gracie Award for an Outstanding Non-fiction/Host–News in breaking the self-doubt habit and building real confidence.

In 2017, February 28th Robbins published her second book called, The 5 Second Rule: Transform your life, work and confidence with everyday courage. In 2017, on Amazon this was the most read book and on Audible, the best non fiction book. It was also named the best self development book of the year in 2017 by Audible.

Mel’s five second rule helps people activate their prefrontal cortex, this part of your brain helps in decision making, learning behaviours, aiming for goals, strategic thinking and performing with courage. The five second rule teaches you how to destroy doubt and enhance your life in just 5 seconds. Throughout life, teachers, family and friends try to push you to be the best version of yourself. However, maybe the best way to push yourself is simply knowing how to do that yourself. In her book, it helps you to discover that it only takes 5 seconds to stop procrastinating, become confident, reduce self doubt, feel happier, stop worrying and beat fear. The rule is a simple solution to a problem that holds people back. It’s not about knowing what you should do but how to do it.

Mel Robbins often speaks publicly about her 5 second rule and her talks on Youtube have been viewed over 20 million times. Speaking.com states that as a speaker she is the most booked woman. She has also collaborated with the brand Audible, releasing the programs, Take control of your life (2019) and Kiss ass with Mel Robbins (2018).

Mel Robbins Teaching and Events

Mel Robbins has performed Ted talks, with over 8 million people having viewed one of her Ted Talks and large brands now utilising her 5 second rule to increase engagement, collaboration and productivity.

She also offers classes to people to help them;

  • Understand the effects of self doubt
  • Discover and learn ways to reduce self doubt
  • Have less negative emotions
  • Build competency skills and self esteem
  • Shed irritation fears
  • Stop hesitating, step out of the comfort zone
  • Stop being hypercritical and move forward

Through online training, Mel helps people to gain confidence in a professional setting through corporate leadership and human behaviour. She also offers virtual events, which engages and focuses audiences. Her fireside chats are rated highly by audiences as she is a very approachable character. In addition to this, Mel offers audiences an effective master class, which challenges and teaches people to improve in a professional setting. During her events she often has audience question and answer sessions, this provides a customised performance and experience at her speaking events.

Mel Robbins Books & Publications

Mel Robbins has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The 5 Second Rule

Using the science of habits, riveting stories and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art and business, Mel Robbins will explain the power of a push moment. Then, she ll give you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self.

Self Help

Take Control of Your Life

With humor and wisdom, Mel Robbins expertly tackles the fear of change, rejection, and being alone, as well as imposter syndrome and feeling trapped in the wrong career. Each session is a goldmine of discovery as Mel guides you to find your purpose & take control of your life.

Self Help

Work It Out

Women get mixed messages about how to succeed at work, and research shows that much of the career advice aimed at men doesn’t even work for women. We’re left wondering: How do you say no without being labeled difficult? How do you get paid what you’re worth?

What CanMel Robbins Do For You Personally







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