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About T Harv Eker

Wealth Building Coach

T.Harv Eker, is an accomplished wealth building mentor and successful businessman.

T.Harv Eker’s Social Media Profiles

What is T Harv Eker Net Worth

$3.5 million Dollars

When was T Harv Eker Born

10 June 1954 in Toronto, Canada

Introduction to T.Harv Eker My Story

T.Harv Eker, is an accomplished wealth building mentor and successful businessman. The 65 year-old, born on June 10th 1954, is a popular author across the financial freedom genre, as well as being a regular speaker and personal life coach.

He is well known for his wealth building talks and books in the self-help genre. His most popular books are SpeedWealth: How to Make a Million in Your Own Business in 3 Years Or Less and Awaken the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, published in 1996 and 2005 respectively. T. Harv has been recognised in the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Frame and spoken about highly amongst other elite mentors and development coaches.

“Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it.” – T Harv Eker

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T Harv Eker Personal History

T.Harv Eker is Canadian born to the parents of two European Immigrants, living his early years in Toronto, Ontario, with his family. He was not born into a wealthy family, his parents moved to Canada with only $30 dollars to their name.

Throughout his childhood, money was tight. Aged 13 he started working, firstly he had a paper round, then went on to sell books at fairs, sun lotion in coastal towns and even served ice cream. Following a string of jobs and short-stint at York University he moved onto educate himself on his real passion- wealth building.

In his young adulthood, T.Harv Eker moved to America, living in 5 different cities in a short succession of years, the main ones being Lake Tahoe and Ft. Lauderdale. Working for over a dozen businesses in this short time with minimal success. After years of failure, he found his first success. A fitness based company, which he grew over the course of two and half years to 10 stores across the country. He sold this fitness retail business to a Fortune 500 corporation making his first millions.


T Harv Eker Professional Career

The sale of his retail based fitness company saw the beginning of T. Harv Eker’s success. He finally achieved his dream of becoming a millionaire. How did he invest his newfound millions I hear you ask? Unfortunately he lost the entire profit of the sale, within 2 years, through mismanagement, unchecked spending and poor investments! From this he literally started all over again, right at the bottom.

Over the remainder of his career, he analyzed how the rich hold onto their money and watch it grow. He began to develop theories about wealth building, which he still infuses into his talks and books today. His first concept was the “Millionaire Mind” where he talks about a specific mental attitude necessary to facilitate wealth. He describes this theory as a “financial blueprint” being how we think and feel about money. He explains this is the key, as opposed to skills, as to whether you are able to accumulate wealth.

This wasn’t T. Harv Eker’s only theory around financial success, he also theorised the main reason people weren’t wealthy was because they ‘play the victim’ suggesting that they have no power over the situation. Throughout his books, he defines each financial blueprint and highlights the different ways the rich and the poor/middle-class think.

Following his wealth building success he built a seminar company to share his research, success and failures with others, which he later sold to an events production company. Nowadays T. Harv Eker is still widely known for his talks, research and theories on motivation and wealth.

T Harv Eker Teaching and Events

Arguably, T. Harv Eker’s largest achievement is his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He became New York Times bestseller and reached Wall Street Journal’s prestigious #1 spot on their business-book list. He has also authored and published SpeedWealth, the second of his ground-breaking books.

Since 2001, he has been attending lecturers and academic discussions as well as producing seminars and online talks. In turn helping more than 1.5 million people begin to build wealth and push them closer to financial freedom. On his website he has a large amount of videos and online seminars you can watch for free! Titles include: Zero To MultiMillionaire, The 500 Million Dollar Secret, Teach And Get Rich and many more.

The project he is currently working on helps make a positive difference to people’s lives in an 8-step system, whilst making money. It is called The Good Millionaire: How to Make a Lot of Money by Helping a Lot of People. It emphasises the importance and value of solving peoples problems and in turn making a large amount of money off the back of it whilst doing good.

T Harv Eker Books & Publications

T. Harv Eker is an author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation.

Self Help

Millionaire Mind

Why do some people seem to effortlessly achieve wealth while others struggle financially whilst working just as hard?

Self Help


Speedwealth – How to Make a Million in Your Own Business in 3 Years a short and practical book written by T Harv Eker

Self Help

True Wealth

True Wealth is a must-listen audiobook from the New York Times bestselling author T. Harv Eker

What Can T. Harv Eker Do For You Personally







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