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About Earl Nightingale

Radio Presenter and Motivational Speaker

Earl Nightingale, was a popular radio presenter and motivational speaker of human character development.

Earl Nightingale’s Social Media Profiles

What was Earl Nightingales Net Worth

$38 Million Dollars

When was Earl Born

12 March 1921, Los Angeles, California, United States

Died: 25 March 1989, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Introduction to Earl Nightingale My Story

Earl Nightingale, was a popular radio presenter and motivational speaker of human character development. The late pop culture figure was born on March 12th 1921 and died on March 25th 1989 (aged 68). He was a popular author in America as well as a well known voice actor.

Throughout his lifetime he published a range of extremely popular books in the self-help genre, particularly about motivation and meaningful existence. His most popular books are The Strangest Secret and Lead the Field, published in 1957 and 1968 respectively. Following his death, these works grew even further in popularity. In addition to literature, he also recorded over 7,000 radio shows and 250 audio and TV recordings.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going” – Earl Nightingale

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Earl Nightingale Personal History

Earl Nightingale was born in Long beach, USA to his father Earl the 4th Nightingale and his mother Gladys Nightingale. Aged 12 Earl’s father left him and his family, leading his mother to relocate the family to Tent City where he lived, as the name suggests, in a tent.

At the age of 17 Earl Nightingale joined the US Marine Corps. He served in the army for several years as an instructor at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Earl fought for the USS Arizona during the attack on pearl harbour and was one of only 15 Marines to survive that day. Following his stint in the army, his career as we know it today began to take off. Firstly he became involved with hosting radio shows.

Returning to his personal life, Earl Nightingale went on to marry Diana Nightingale who continued to showcase his works following his death. Earl and Diana had two children Pamela and David. Following complications in heart surgery, he died in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 25th 1989.

Earl Nightingale Professional Career

Following his time serving in the military, Earl Nightingale began working as a radio presenter. He was so inspiring on air that he decided to pursue a career in motivational speaking shortly after. The book that ignited this motivation spark in him, like for many, was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

His stint hosting radio shows began as volunteer work as he was interested in the industry. He started as an ‘announcer’ and worked for radio stations during his time in the Army. After 5 years he left the Army to pursue his career in radio. He then relocated firstly to Phoenix, then Chicago.
His radio show Our Changing World was broadcast to over 30 countries around the world, including the US and Canada… the show was broadcast as far as The Bahamas.. When broadcasting he managed to commercialise the opportunity further by earning a commission on his own advertising. A few years later Earl Nightingale was such a success he retired at age 35!

Throughout his career he had a hand in many business ventures, such as an insurance company that he had spent several years on motivating his staff to generate unprecedented revenue. It was from this he documented some of his coaching works as he and other business partners deemed the skill extremely valuable. This became the first ever ‘spoken word message’ (now known as a podcast) to receive a Gold Record as it sold over a million copies! This audio recording was called The Strangest Secret. This ensured he left a lasting legacy.
His motivational speeches and ‘podcasts’ led him to be the narrator of the very book he was originally inspired by,Think and Grow Rich: The Essence Of The Immortal Book. He then went on to co-found the corporation ‘Nightingale-Conant’ with friend and colleague Lloyd Conant.
Just months before his death, Earl Nightingale was still publishing and motivating. He published The Winner’s Notebook in 1989 just prior to his death. This piece of literature included notes and drawings from his own private journal.

Earl Nightingale Teaching and Events

Over his lifetime Earl Nightingale won numerous awards, the most notable of which being the Gold Record for The Strangest Secret. He then went on to be awarded by Toastmaster International with the Golden Gavel Award. As well as this he became part of The National Association of Broadcasters National Radio Hall of Fame.

Aside from his extensive collection of awards, he recorded more than 7,000 radio programs and 250 audio recordings (‘podcasts’) over his lifetime, and presented numerous TV shows.

Because of his significant contribution to the sector of personal development and wellbeing practices his legacy will remain forever. His life was dedicated to helping people ‘wake up’ and turn their lives around by no longer playing the victim. Nowadays his audio recordings are available on free video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Earl Nightingale Books & Publications

Earl Nightingale has a number of books available some of the bestsellers can be found below: –

Self Help

Lead the Field

In the book Lead the Field – Earl Nightingale explains these guidelines: the magic word in life is ATTITUDE.

Self Help

The Essence of Success

This is a collection of Earl Nightingale’s writings, broadcasts, and conversations on various aspects of personal development.

Self Help

The Direct Line

Known as the “Dean of Personal Development,” Earl Nightingale broadcast his radio programs for more than three decades

What Can Earl Nightingale Do For You Personally







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