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About Levi Roots

television personality and entrepreneur

Levi Roots, is a well known author and motivational speaker.

Levi Roots’s Social Media Profiles

What is Levi Roots’s Net Worth

£45 million pounds

When was Levi Born

24 June 1958, Clarendon, Jamaica

Introduction to Levi Roots My Story

Keith Valentine Graham known as Levi Roots, is an accomplished television personality and entrepreneur. The 62 year-old, born on June 24th 1958, is a well known author in Britain as well as a motivational speaker and Reggae musician.

Levi Roots is most known for his Reggae Reggae sauce and books in the cooking genre. His most popular books are Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Cookbook, published in 2008.

“Find what comes naturally and make that your focus, where you can be your best and do your best” – Levi Roots

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Levi Roots Personal History

Levi was born in Jamaica in Clarendon. He was brought up by his grandmother when his parents went to live in the UK, he then joined them when he was 11 years old. He was brought up as a Christian, however converted at 18 to the Rastafari faith.

Roots appeared on Desert Island Discs on BBC radio 4, he stated that he had a difficult relationship with his dad as he was considered sort of a stranger. All of his sisters and brothers went to school in Jamaica but Roots did not as he was the youngest so didn’t get educated when he was there.

In addition, Roots now has eight children, seven have different mums. He has been in prison for drug related offenses. The businessman and celebrity chef currently lives in South London in Brixton.

Levi Roots Professional Career

Levi Roots has had an interesting career. In 1998, Roots performed with Maxi Priest and James Brown, they were nominated at the MOBO awards for best Reggae act. In addition, he has some celebrity friends including Bob Marley and has performed for Nelson Mandela.

Levi has created a jerk sauce called Reggae Reggae sauce. He began selling it in 2006 at Notting Hill Carnival, where he sold more than 4,000 bottles. Later, at a food trade show he was approached by a BBC producer who asked him to go onto Dragons Den. In 2007, he appeared on the show, seeking a £50,000 investment for a 20% stake in equity in the sauce. The deal was then sealed with a 40% business stake by dragons Richard Farleigh and Peter Jones. After his TV appearance, Sainsburys decided to stock the sauce in around 600 stores.

From the back of this reggae sauce success story, Roots then released a longer version of his original song called Reggae Reggae Sauce, featuring his child Joanne. The money raised from this song then was donated to Comic Relief. The song also formed an element of his Dragons Den pitch.

Furthermore, Levis opened his first restaurant in London called the Papine Jerk centre, his children helped run the business. Then in 2015, he opened a franchise restaurant which closed in the year 2019.
Roots has published a book called Reggae Reggae Cookbook in 2008, it includes a foreword from Peter Jones. The book includes Roots’ life story from living in Jamaica to moving to London and an introduction to the Caribbean ingredients he cooks with. The cookbook brings the vitality and excitement of the caribbean flavours, his cooking is colourful, simple and eclectic that is suitable for all including student friendly dishes and fantastic feasts. This book brings together jamaican tales, Bob Marley’s music, Notting Hill Carnival and much more highlighting where his inspirations for his food came from. The book features over 80 exciting and simple recipes like rum cake, mash up eggs and Guinness punch. As well as european favourites such as pasta with a caribbean twist.

In 2008, when his book was published he appeared on Ready Steady Cook on BBC, whereby he came second place. In 2009, he also had his own TV programme on BBC2 called Caribbean Food Made Easy. In the show, Roots travelled around the UK to show how you can cook Caribbean food from your own house. In 2010, he also made an appearance on the show Celebrity Mastermind, he came second. Big Brother was another show he appeared on, where he often cooked for his housemates.

Levi Roots Teaching and Events

Throughout his career, Levi Roots has done a lot to teach and support others. Levi is very charitable and supports his old school in Jamaica. The school lacked crucial structural elements like a school roof, gates and electricity. Due to Levi’s sponsorship, a better education is able to be provided to their pupils. In addition, Levis has supported Glenmure secondary school through sponsoring the children’s celebrations of Jamaica day and raised funds for the schools. 

Levi has had many highlights in his career including, many keynote speaker performances, featuring on TV, magazines and newspapers. Levi aims to give back to the community, in the UK he visits, prisons, universities and schools. He is also a Prince’s Trust ambassador.

Levi Roots Books & Publications

Levi Roots has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

Reggae Reggae Cookbook

TV chef, dragon slayer and bestselling author Levi Roots brings carnival to the kitchen with his hot’n’spicy Caribbean cookbook.

Self Help

Caribbean Food Made Easy

Caribbean Food Made Easy, Levi Roots travelled around the UK and the Caribbean and revealed how delicious Caribbean food can be prepared at home.

Self Help

Levi Roots Food for Friends

In each of the recipes, Levi spices up some family favourites to create a wide selection of simple dishes that taste, in his words, ‘fabulocious’!

What Can Levi Roots Do For You Personally







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