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About Danielle LaPorte

entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and blogger

Danielle LaPorte, is an accomplished entrepreneur and a well known Canadian author.

Danielle LaPorte’s Social Media Profiles

What is Danielle LaPorte’s Net Worth

$1 Million – $5 Million Dollars

When was Danielle Born

25 May 1969, Windsor, Canada

Introduction to Danielle LaPorte My Story

Danielle LaPorte, is an accomplished entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and blogger. The 51 year-old, born on May 25th 1969, is a well known Canadian author.

Danielle LaPorte is most known for her public speaking and books in the entrepreneurship and conscious goal setting genre. Her most popular books are The Desire Map: A guide to creating goals with soul and White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another published in 2012 and 2017 respectively.

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” – Danielle LaPorte

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Danielle LaPorte Personal History

Danielle LaPorta born in Ontario specifically in Windsor. She then grew up in Essex County around the more rural parts. She does not have any siblings and was born not long after both of her mum and dad graduated from high school. Her mum and dad are divorced. Danielle has previously had many jobs including, waitressing, working in retail, bartending and management. She also thought about a fashion design career however, never attended university or college.

Later, Danielle became the marketing support and personal assistant for several authors in the self help sector, then she started in freelance publicity. She has lived in several different locations including, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington, LA, New Mexico, California, Seattle and DC where she conducted a think tank future study.

Danielle LaPorte Professional Career

Danielle never got a university/college degree. At one point she worked at the retail store, The Body Shop after asking for several promotions in the Canadian headquarters for The Body Shop she became the social inventions director.
LaPorte has written several books, one of her most popular is Desire Map (2012). This book was written in response to discovering several people getting hung about ambition and goals that were soulless. Understanding and deciding how you want to feel is important to informing thoughts and behaviour. The aim of this book is to inspire people to make decisions and qualities based on their heart. Desire Mappings approach is to follow your heart to create your own life. Not all circumstances can be controlled, but people do have a choice in the way they feel. Combining freewill with desired feelings helps people become intentional creators, generating greater love, clarity and joy. This book has been translated into ten different languages and sold more than 200,000 copies.

White Hot Truth is another popular book written by Danielle based on wisdom. It aims to help people know that even if they are off track they are capable of getting back where they need and want to be. Danielle wants readers of this book to generate a deeper compassion for themselves. Which then helps people care even more about others.

DanielleLaPorta.com was founded by LaPorta and Forbes named the website within the Top 100 Websites for Women. Millions of people visit her site regularly for her useful and spiritual content.

VIRTUONICA was then founded in 2016 as part of Danielle LaPorta’s Inc which has eleven employees across five countries. This business is a multi-media publishing company.

Danielle LaPorte Teaching and Events

Throughout her career, Danielle LaPorta has been involved in several personal performances, seminars and motivation talks. Her practices, techniques and viewpoints on life are unique, so she uses her speeches and writings to provide to her followers teachings of entrepreneurship and conscious goal setting. This includes, but is not limited to self love, decision making and spiritual paths. 

She has some upcoming events including an event in Vancouver 2020, talking about the psychology of love and how we delve into higher love. 

In addition, she has links with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Connect with Mark Kelley contributing to career and business topics. Workshops for Desire Map are available every week across the world in over 15 countries, currently there are over five hundred facilitators and coaches for desire map workshops. These workshops help people gain a clearer understanding of their own core and desired feelings. 

Danielle also regularly records podcasts for listeners called ‘with love, Danielle’. Her podcasts help listeners feel powerful instead of anxious and aim to help people live a meaningful and enlightened life. Recent podcast topics include how to become wiser through rest, self agency and self doubt and empathy.

Danielle LaPorte Books & Publications

Danielle LaPorte has written a number of best selling books

Self Help

The Desire Map

Your bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategic plans. Big dreams. Goals. Lots of goals and plans to achieve those goals—no matter what. Except … You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing the feeling that you hope achieving that goal will give you.

Self Help

Fire Starter Sessions

The Fire Starter Sessions is an apathy-kicking, integrity-infusing guide to defining success on your own terms. Danielle LaPorte’s straight-talk life-and-livelihood sermons have been read by over one million people, bold but empathetic, in Fire Starter Sessions.

Self Help

White Hot Truth

Has your self-help become self-criticism? A wise and often hilarious exploration of the conflicts between spiritual aspiration and the compulsion to improve. Like a wise girlfriend you can totally relate to, Danielle cheerleads you to own your wisdom and self-worth

What Can Danielle LaPorte Do For You Personally







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