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Have you ever noticed that you often get a headache or stomach ache when you feel stressed? Well, that’s the mind-body connection in action! Our physical and emotional health are inextricably linked, and how your mind works, copes and handles your life affects your body.

Mental wellbeing and general health are connected

We have mentioned head and stomach issues, but the mind-body connection goes further. Stress can disrupt organ function, cause physical injuries to heal more slowly, make vaccinations less effective, and even cause altered blood cell responses that disturb our natural reactions to infections and cancers.

Each time you feel overwhelmed, stressed or disappointed, it isn’t just your emotions that you have to contend with. Our chemistry and biology affect our moods, emotions and even how we think and believe, so it is essential to look after our mental wellbeing to keep our physical health at its best.

If we struggle to cope with challenges, stresses and even our personal development, we can soon find that we begin to feel physically drained or unwell. Our declining physical health then affects our mind and coping mechanisms, starting a cycle that can be difficult without help to overcome. Low energy can be caused by missing drive and ambition. Focussing on self-improvement will help both your mind and body in a positive way.

Looking after mental wellbeing on your personal development journey

Personal development journeys are all about moving you from where you are now to where you want to be, a journey that requires you to be motivated, determined and in the best physical health that you can be if you’re going to see the plan through.

A personal development plan can be a great way to reach goals and protect your mental health and wellbeing. Development plans fail when we ignore our strengths and weaknesses or set unrealistic steps to our goal. Losing momentum affects mental wellbeing; we become disillusioned, affecting our mindset and physical health.

Your personal development journey should set physical and educational milestones, but It must consider your mental wellbeing. Whether it’s relationships, careers or the struggle to achieve a work-life balance that you wish to tackle, you must pursue your goals in manageable steps to remain focused.

Read our simple steps to self-improvement and personal development. They alone may be enough to motivate you to improve your life and reach fulfilment, whether at home, work or with friends, but should you need help, we have a great team of coaches on hand to help you with personal development coaches and mentors who want to see you thrive.

Remember that to reach the end, first, you must start – and a personal development plan will give you the springboard to improve your mind-body connection for good.